hcsa community services singapore

As a charity organisation with the Institution of a Public Character status, the founding vision of HCSA Community Services Singapore (HCSA) which aims “to give a future and a hope” aligns with the cornerstones of education. While learning and education seek to ignite in the learner the hopeful spark to aspire, grow, and value-add to both their own life and the lives of others, similarly, the programmes by HCSA aspire to do the same in the communities they serve.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
– Nelson Mandela

Despite having undergone evolutionary change, learning and education remain till today, the fundamental pillars needed to create, sustain, empower, and develop human societies and communities.

hcsa community services singapore

The different programmes not only seek to reach out to needy members of society, but they also strive to give their beneficiaries hope, self-empowerment, and a chance at a better future, with HCSA Dayspring SPIN (Single Parents INformed INvolved INcluded) (SPIN) being one such programme provided by HCSA Community Services Singapore (HCSA). Founded in 2017, HCSA Dayspring SPIN provides single parents with the resources, support, and assistance that would help facilitate and empower them in their parenting and caregiving journey.

While much effort has been undertaken to ensure that education and learning remain open and accessible to the different communities in society, reality often affects the efficacy of such initiatives, especially with the occurrence of Covid-19.

The pandemic has not only changed the course of education and learning but also exacerbated existing challenges for single-parent families already facing financial hardships and resource constraints. As such, support in the form of access to quality education and learning resources is crucial to ensure that the children of these families do not fall behind.

Having acknowledged the need for this support to be rendered to these parents, HSCA has appointed Tutopiya as one of their vendors to provide online tuition services for children of their single-parent members. This appointment was made possible by the generous sponsorship of HCSA’s corporate partner – Hongkong Land Limited.

Tutopiya is a premier in online tuition and education for both Singaporean and International Curriculums. They have helped countless students and parents achieve their dreams of effective online tuition and support from the comfort of their own homes that not only enhance their learning but also show progress on report cards.

Vetted and experienced tutors, high-end technology, and professional subject matter experts in the Singaporean curriculum for the Primary School Leaving Examination and other examinations make Tutopiya the prime choice for effective online education.

Classes are arranged in real-time according to students’ timings and availability. Students are also able to interact with tutors as if they are face to face, ask questions, and doubts, and clarify confusions at the same time. Necessary resources, feedback on progress, and guidance to master test papers, homework, and examinations are also provided.

hcsa community services singapore

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