Easiest Subjects in IGCSE and IB curriculum: 7 Considerations to Take

easiest subjects in igcse and ib

What is the key to finding the easiest subjects in the IGCSE and IB curriculum? There are several considerations students need to make prior to deciding what subjects they want to take. These considerations are unique to every student, hence finding the easiest subjects in IGCSE and IB is up to the students. Here are the considerations that every student needs to make to find the easiest subject for them. 


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The IGCSE Cambridge board also offers students over 70 subjects, which is a lot to choose from. Hence, with the right considerations, you might just be able to find the easiest subjects in IGCSE and IB.

7 Tips for choosing the easiest subjects in IGCSE and IB 


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1 – Knowing your interest 

Students should always choose subjects that they have an interest in before anything else. Your interests will help you to stay motivated, determined, and encouraged. Hence, the easiest subject for IGCSE and IB is one that you are interested to learn more about. 


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2 – Your mother tongue or second language

Typically, it is encouraged that students take up their second language in the IGCSE and IB syllabus. Though this may vary from student to student, it is still preferable to learn something you are already familiar with. 


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3 – Subjects you wish to learn more of 

You may not have prior knowledge or any experience in the subject you wish to study, but it is still a good idea to consider taking it. It can be deemed as the easiest subject for you because of your eagerness to learn more about the subject. 


easiest subjects in igcse and ib

4 – Your future career or ambition 

Students’ future plans should be considered when it comes to choosing the easiest subject in IGCSE and IB. knowing what you wish to pursue in the future or being sure of what you want to become, the subjects that you pick will be easy for you to handle. This is because the chances are what you want to become in the future, is what you are passionate about. Hence, taking the subjects and building up a foundation is paving the way for you to reach your goal. 


easiest subjects in igcse and ib

5 – Utilising your strengths 

Your strengths will help you to find what subjects are the easiest for you in IGCSE and IB. Perhaps your strength lies in Mathematics, then there are plenty of other subjects you can consider taking, such as Physics, Economics, and Accounting. Else or, your strength lies in language, then English Literature and History can be considered. 

This is of course, realizable if you are sure of your strengths. 


easiest subjects in igcse and ib

6 – Your learning style 

To find the easiest subject in the IGCSE and IB curriculum, students need to understand the best way for them to study. Their own study method, the type of learners they are, and how well they are able to take away content from a class. 


Some subjects are bound to have more content than others, and some may be more practical and require students to showcase their problem-solving skills. It all boils down to the type of learner you are. For example, students who have a strength in memory may find content-heavy subjects easier. 


easiest subjects in igcse and ib

7 – Seek extra opinion from your trusted tutors and teachers 

The best way to find the right subjects for you is to look for those who are familiar with your learning style. Your teachers and tutors can help guide you to find the right subjects for you. They are able to tell your learning abilities and how well you can perform in your existing subjects. If you are struggling to find what interests you, you can seek guidance from your school counselor. They will be able to help you find the right subjects according to what you tell them.


In a nutshell, the most important factor students have to note is that they have to be interested in the subject they choose. Otherwise, you will be losing half the battle, and you will not be able to enjoy school. 

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