Airpods VS Headphones? Which is better as a student and why?

airpods vs headphones

If you are looking for a specifications breakdown of Airpods and Headphones, this article is not for you! This article is to help students who are looking for a good pair of headphones for school and as a student. You will find several Airpods VS Headphones comparisons in this article but written in comprehensible terms and definitely share with our students just which they can choose even as a homeschooling student. We will also be referring Airpods to earbuds for generic classification. 


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List of consideration factors: Airpods VS Headphones 


White Earphones On Black Surface

Ease of convenience 

As a student, we look for things that are compact and easy to bring around to prevent adding load into our already heavy bags. There is no doubt that the earbuds are the greater option here if you are looking for something small. However, there are also headphones in the market that offer themselves in a more compact size. It depends on how compact you wish your earphones to be. 



airpods vs headphones

Wired or wireless

Earbuds are wireless as we all already know, but there are headphones that are wired and wireless. Hence, the question is are you looking for wired or wireless earsets? 

(Note: Wired headsets are proven to have better sound quality as compared to wireless earsets.) 


If you are looking for something wireless, you can continue to consider earbuds and wireless headphones. Otherwise, you may have just found your ideal earphones. 


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Quality of sound

Another great bargaining point that many students also look for these days is the quality of sound that their headphones can provide them. If you are someone who cares more about the quality of sound than anything else, it is definite that headphones are a better option for you. 


However, if you are only looking for decent earbuds with decent sound quality, some earbuds in the market do provide you with good enough sound quality on the go.


Additionally, you need to be aware that wired headphones provide you with even better sound quality as compared to wireless headphones. 



airpods vs headphones

Microphone quality

This is another point for students to consider: are you taking online and live classes that require you to be interactive? If so, a headphone might be a better option as most headphones provide users with a mic. The mic is important for students during class especially if you are doing online presentations. 


If you use earbuds, it may not be easy for your laptop or tablet to pick up your voice and you may end up having to change to another headset for better mic quality. This leads to the next point. 


Silver Iphone X With Airpods

Bluetooth supported

Are you using devices that offer you strong Bluetooth connectivity? Does your device support your Bluetooth device? It may not be one of the things you would worry about but there are some devices such as our phones, laptops, and tablets that do not offer strong Bluetooth connectivity. It is important to ensure that the devices you are connecting have strong Bluetooth connectivity. 


airpods vs headphones


One consideration for wireless headphones and earbuds is that they have a battery lifetime. Your earbuds and headphones might run out of battery when you most need them. Whereas wired earphones have no battery life and allow you to use them for a long time as long as they are plugged in. 



White Apple Airpods on White Table


It is clear that the earbuds have a sleeker and simpler design as compared to headphones which can be bulky and fancy. This is solely up to the student’s preference and style. 



Several 20 Us Dollar Banknotes


We are aware that a good quality earbud and headphones may cost over S$100 easily. Hence, if you are cash-tight, it might be good to consider their cheaper alternatives. Though we know that cheaper may not deliver the quality, there are definitely good quality and cheaper alternatives if you dive deeper into the technology market. 


In a nutshell, there is no definite answer to which earphones students should buy as it is mostly up to preference, not so much about habits. This article Airpods VS Headphones serves as a guide for our fellow students. Hence, spend time looking around the different types of earphones in the market. There are also many technology reviews on YouTube and forums to help you out! 


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