9 Simple Ways On How Students Can Get Involved in Community Arts Singapore

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In Singapore, schools often encourage students to be involved in Community Arts Singapore by including visits to museums and galleries. Learning journey trips are no foreign to students! Learning journey trips can include community arts around Singapore educating and promoting local arts in Singapore. 


Community Arts Singapore in School

All schools conduct learning journey trips every semester to increase students’ insight and knowledge about Singapore and the culture here. The main purpose is to nurture our younger generations to be socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. This is done through learning while being on trips to education art galleries and exhibitions. 


What is Community Arts?

Community art refers to the practice of art based in and generated in a community setting. It was established mainly to develop and provide a collective identity to the community. Often established by a community or grassroots to help local community members to express themselves through art. 


There are several community arts organizations in Singapore and there are certainly many different ways students can involve themselves in these activities. Engaging in community arts can beautify your portfolio as it displays not only your hard skills but also the soft skills that you possess. (your character etc.) These can play a big role in your future endeavors when applying for university or jobs. Hence, do keep in mind that community arts Singapore can be an area to look into to get extra credit for portfolios! Now here are 9 different ways you can involve yourself in community arts in Singapore! 


9 different ways you can involve yourself in community arts Singapore!

Singapore Heritage Festival 6-22 Apr 2018

1 – Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF)

Of course, as locals, the community art that revolves around our heritage cannot be missed! The Singapore Heritage Festival is an annual festival. The SHF aims to educate and allow everybody to explore and discover the stories that connect us. They aim to keep our Singapore heritage alive through interactive and meaningful experiences. Find out more about their annual festival here


Singapore Art Week 2022 – Visit Singapore Official Site - Visit Singapore Official Site

2 – Singapore Art Week (SAW)

The Singapore Art Week is a recurring event that happens annually. The event represents the unity and pride of a diverse and vibrant arts community. They have many exhibitions and public art available for everybody to enjoy during the week. This year’s event features many new works, transnational collaboration, and virtual art experiences. Be sure to keep a lookout for this yearly event as it is surely not something you want to miss! Check out what they did in 2022 Singapore Art Week here



PAssionArts Festival 2019 returns with "Garden of HeARTs" | People's Association

3 – PAssionArts

PAssionArts was established by the People’s Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth. (MYCC). The purpose of PAssionArts was to provide a collective identity to community arts in Singapore. They aim to make arts and culture more accessible to people by bringing it right to the heart. Their vision is to bring arts and culture to reach “Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday”. 


Singapore International Festival of Arts takes a hiatus in 2020 in light of COVID-19

4 – Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)

The Singapore International Festival of Arts presents captivating and diverse artworks across theater, music, dance, film, and visual arts. Recurring this year from 20 May to 5 June, you can find a variety of events and performances hosted by SIFA. TO find out more, head over to their website here


National Arts Council, Singapore - WOMEX

5 – National Arts Council Singapore 

The National Arts Council to spearhead the development of the literary, performing, and visual arts in Singapore. Their mission is to help nurture the arts and make it an integral part of the lives of the people of Singapore. They nurture creative excellence and support broad audience engagement. Their diverse and distinctive arts inspire people, connect communities and profile Singapore internationally.

The National Arts Council holds many festivals and programs that promote art and culture and they are namely the Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Singapore Writers Festival, and National Music Competitions. Find out more about their festivals here


The TENG Company

6 – The Teng Company 

The Teng Company is a non-profit organization that reimagines the possibilities of music derived from our Singaporean Chinese culture and heritage. They currently comprise the Performance, Academy, and Research divisions. The Teng Company has two ensembles, its central ensemble, as well as the QI Ensemble. They always have ongoing events and performances. Feel free to visit their website here to find out more about how you can go to their concerts and performances!


HEARTH Art Space by Art Outreach

7 – Hearth 

HEARTH is a community art space organization established by Art Outreach to support independent Singapore-based practitioners. They offer these artists a free space and micro-granting funding to create and exhibit their work. They offer many programs for everybody to participate in such as School Programmes, Art Tours, and even award shows! Go over to their website and find out more! 


Singapore Biennale to return in October - Australasian Leisure Management

8 – Singapore Biennale (SB)

Singapore Biennale was established in 2006 and is especially known for its international discourse in contemporary art. It places Singapore’s artists within a global context, supporting productive collaborations with the international arts community. The Biennale provides new opportunities for local visual artists, arts organizations, and businesses to cultivate deeper public engagement through the arts. You can find out more about the art and artist over at their website and visit them physically! 


National Gallery: Singapore Art Gallery - Visit Singapore Official Site

9 – National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is a place you cannot miss when engaging and involving yourself in community arts. They have many community programs that gather community groups to engage with the art and history housed within the Gallery. They are known for their beautiful art exhibitions and Instagram-worthy galleries! Find out more about their exhibitions and galleries over at their website here


All in all, we can always find community art in Singapore around us if we just take a closer look at these little initiatives. Bring along a friend to learn more about the arts created by our locals and you may even find yourself feeling inspired after these activities! 

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