9 Hidden and Effective Study Hacks That Nobody Would Tell You! 

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Study hacks are a great way to help students study better and more effectively. Here are 9 study hacks that every student needs to know before their upcoming examinations!


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9 Study hacks to help students study more effectively


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1 – Study smart not study hard

This is no secret to students, but who’s to tell the study hack for studying smart? Study smart by using scientifically proven study methods! Do not spend too much time rereading and rewriting your notes. These study methods are good for initial preparation for an exam. However, if you are looking for effective study methods, try Active Recall and Spaced Repetition. 


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This study method asks for students to retrieve information without referring back to their notes. This is effective because it trains the brain to use what they learn to answer the question, helping to strengthen your muscle memory around the information. Find out more by reading our breakdown! 


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2 – Use tools to aid your learning 

Revision and studying need not be mundane and dry. Students do not have to always just do practice papers and go through the same notes or rewrite the same summaries over and over. Make use of different learning tools to make learning more enjoyable! Some of these tools are proven to help with studying more efficiently and effectively. 


Here are some tools students can consider using to spice up their revision!

  1. Flashcards
  2. Post-its
  3. Watching YouTube summary videos
  4. Doing a real-life experiment 


There are definitely more unique and different learning tools available for students to use for their learning. 


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3 – Active listening in class

Listening attentively during class is one study hack that is often overlooked. While other students are busy copying down what the teacher is writing on the board or dozing off, you should listen to your teacher. When he or she explains the answer to a question, make sure to understand their logic and the way they approach the question. Jot down any important points they mentioned to help refresh your memory when you look back at the question. These little bits of information could come in handy when you need them! 


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4 – Consolidating your notes at the end of every day

This point is highly intertwined with point 3. This study hack is one that every A* student keeps up their sleeves. Spending at least 30 minutes to an hour of your time going through what has been taught today helps to keep the information fresh. This is helpful in the long run as you continue reviewing new and old materials because you are building up muscle memory. 


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5 – Getting help from an experienced tutor

Having a personal tutor outside of class helps to keep students on track. A personal tutor provides students with the support and guidance they need. The additional exercises are to strengthen the concept and time is also spent on closing up any knowledge gaps. Both of which are essential for a student’s learning, growth, and development. 


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6 – Changing the set-up or location of your study spot 

This is a mental study hack that students sure wish they knew before going for exams! As you spend the majority of your time studying in your bedroom or the library, it is likely that you will associate all the information you have learned in that one place. 

Well, why is this not good? 

Because a sudden change in environment could be difficult for you to adapt immediately. It could cause you to panic and go mind blank as you are not used to the study space. Hence, the study hack is to switch up your learning environment every now and then to keep things fresh! 


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7 – Teach what you know and share your doubts

Instead of seeing your classmates as enemies for the national examinations, see them as buddies and friends! Having a study group not only helps with increased productivity and study efficiency but it helps you to have the chance to teach and strengthen what you know. Additionally, you will have people to look for when you have questions too! What a win-win situation and surely a study hack that students don’t know! Go grab a few friends and form yourselves a study group!


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8 – Speak aloud

Production effect, also known as the benefit in memory found for produced words relative to words read silently. This essentially means reading aloud. It helps when students read aloud a concept they wish to remember. Additionally, it subconsciously helps students to be logical about the way they phrase their sentences and concepts. A great way to cross-check on knowledge and build up memory. 

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9 – Ample and quality rest

Sleeping 8 hours is not enough if it is not quality sleep. You need enough sleep and good sleep to study every day. Studying uses so much brainpower during the day, hence getting a good and sufficient rest is important to keep it going. Students need to ensure that their sleep is uninterrupted and peaceful. This helps the body to repair and build muscle memory for what you have learned during the day. 


In a nutshell, these study hacks may seem small and subtle but they are powerful in their own ways. Start adopting these little study hacks and you will find yourself getting better as the days go by!

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