How to build your child’s confidence before an upcoming examination: 8 Effective Ways

child's confidence

As the famous saying goes, “Confidence is key.” is very much applicable to everything in life. This does not exclude our students and learning.  Child confidence can be nurtured and built with your help. It is crucial that you are there for your child’s growth and development

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8 Ways to build child confidence before an upcoming examination 


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1 – Teach your child to speak up 

Before an upcoming examination, it is important to already teach your child to speak up confidently about their doubts and questions. This helps them to build up the confidence to speak in class and talk about their doubts. You should cultivate this habit from a young age so your child knows to rectify their doubts and questions immediately with no fear. 



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2 – Let your child speak 

When children want to speak their mind, let them. Refrain from interrupting or disregarding their words. Give constructive and thoughtful answers. Your response is important in building their self-confidence. You need to let your child know that they are heard and you are taking their opinions into consideration. Give your child the space and opportunity to share their thoughts. When they feel safe and comfortable, they will be able to speak confidently or ask questions with confidence. 


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3 – Prompt your child 

Is your child introverted and shy? Or are they just having a hard time expressing their doubts? Help them by guiding them with questions that prompt them to ask deeper questions. Remember to always take it slow and easy as it could be overwhelming for them. 


child's confidence

4 – Check in with your child 

Make sure to ensure that your child is doing well and have sufficient support, space, and time to grow into a louder person. Check in with them regarding their studies, their life in school, and how they are coping with things. Let them know that you are there for them and they are not alone. This helps to build your child’s confidence. This is because they will know that they are not alone and they are heard and accepted. 



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5 – Send praise and encouragement whenever possible 

Giving praise and reward is a great way to boost their confidence as it reminds them that they did something good or right. This will trigger a positive cycle in them and lead them to the right path. Reward them when they are exhibiting the right attitude and behavior at academics to help increase their self-esteem and ultimately boost their confidence. 


child's confidence

6 – When teaching, show them how to get it done first 

Do not just shove things to them and expect them to get good. It is good to provide a model example and a detailed explanation of the question they are asking. Answer their doubts genuinely and refrain from throwing back questions at them to ponder even more. Prevent making it difficult for your child as they might get even more frustrated. Adjust according to your child’s learning abilities and habits. Remember to take it slow as building confidence is surely not an overnight’s work!  


child's confidence

7 – Ban harsh scolding and criticism

Instead of lashing out at your child, learn to tell them why it is wrong and how to correct it. Harsh scoldings will only lead to lower self-esteem and fear. Which is not what we want to instill in our children. Instead, spend time going over their mistakes and explaining to them why it is not right. This will help your child to understand and gain new knowledge which helps boost confidence in time for their upcoming examinations. 


child confidence

8 – Practice 

Confidence comes with practice and it is very much applicable to studies as well. It is normal to feel nervous before an oral presentation or examination. What you need to help your child to do is to get enough practice. Spend time going over your child’s script and practice questions to ensure that they are clear with their content. 


In a nutshell, having confidence will help with overall mood and attitude. When children have confidence in their work, they will shine. Take time to build your child’s confidence and prepare them for their upcoming examinations. 


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