7 Useful Tips To Learn A Language Faster At Any Age

learn a language faster

Learning a new language is always challenging and difficult as a new language sometimes builds on no existing knowledge. It requires you to learn everything from scratch. Here are 7 tips to help your language ANY language faster at any age. 


7 tips to learn a language faster


1 – Consistency and Effort 

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It is important to realize that learning a new language is not going to be easy and you will need a lot of determination and effort to finally master the language. This means scheduling time every day to learn the language. 

It is important that at the beginning of the journey, you devote more time to getting the basics right. It is also one of the most difficult parts for many of us. The beginnings are always harder because everything is new and different. 

Our brains are not accustomed to it yet and it dislikes discomfort, hence many of us tend to fail to learn a new language at the beginning. 


2 – Building and creating an environment conducive for learning the new language 

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Small changes can be made to your life to make learning a language faster and easier. Some examples are, 

  • Changing your phone language to the language you are now learning. 
  • Switch to reading news articles in the new language. 
  • Watching shows or movies in the new language.  
  • Turn on subtitles for the movies, YouTube videos in the language. 
  • Listening to radio or podcasts in the language you are learning. 


Making these small changes in your life can quicken your pace of learning, as these changes revolve around your everyday life. Soon enough, you will be able to recognize these words and these words become easy for you. 


3 – Finding friends or community 

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Support from the community or friends who are learning the same language as you will give you a platform to practice the language. It helps you as well as others grow together in the language.  You can also get your friends to learn the language with you and this way you will have somebody to practise the language with. Alternatively, you can find communities or family members who are skilled in the language to help you with learning the language. 


4 – Do not be afraid and always try to speak and write in the language 

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It is normal to find it difficult to articulate and pronounce words in the new language. You should not be afraid to speak the language and you should always seek discomfort whenever learning something new. To learn a language faster, you will have to go through many mistakes and fix these mistakes as you go along to be better at it. 


5 – The internet is your best friend 

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You can learn any language now so easily now at the comfort of your own home, all thanks to the Internet. We can now look up any language that we wish to learn on Youtube and there are plenty of playlists and teachers that are posting lectures. 

Not to mention, there are also platforms like SkillShare which help you to learn new languages at your own pace. The lessons are in bitesize pieces where it is easy for beginners to start learning. Else, you can also look for online tuition lessons where you meet an experienced language teacher to learn the language. 


Tutopiya offers online language lessons for beginners, students, and advanced learners. Tutopiya offers Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and many more! Get in touch with our experts to find out more about online lessons! 


Fun fact! BTS RM actually learned English just by watching FRIENDS! 


Even when learning the language without a personal tutor, the Internet is able to provide you with language practices and lessons! How convenient! 


6 – Using the right study method to learn a language faster 

Active Recall and Spaced Repetition: How to study effectively

The right study method will help you to learn the language faster, so what exactly is the right study method? Try using active recall and spaced repetition when learning anything, language included. 


Active recall requires learners to actively retrieve information from their brains instead of only putting information into their brains. This retrieval process is also known as active recall, where it puts learners in a challenging situation which helps with growth and learning. Paired with spaced repetition, it can be useful and you will be able to learn the language faster. 


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7 – Reading Children’s Books 

This may seem funny if you are an adult and trying to learn a new language, but children’s books can be helpful and even make it interesting for you. Children’s books are easy to read, understand and digest, of course. Hence, it is perfect for beginners and starters! We all started off with children’s books so why not start there when you are learning a new language! This can put you on the right track and help you to learn the language faster! 


In a nutshell, you can learn a language faster if you put in the effort and be consistent with your learning. Making an intentional effort to learn a new language will help you in the long run. 


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