7 Tips for Finding a Suitable Math Tutor For Your Child in Singapore

math tutor

It is no secret that the Singapore Math curriculum is very successful in Singapore. Many other countries have started to adopt Singapore’s way of teaching Mathematics in their mainstream schools. It is also not uncommon for Singaporean students to have a math tutor as young as primary school. Hence, in this competitive community in Singapore, we will explore some ways that parents and students can find a math tutor that suits their learning needs. Let’s begin! 


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7 Ways to find the suitable Math Tutor for You 

math tutor

1 – Understand your child’s learning style 

To find the perfect math tutor for your child, you’ll first need to know your child’s learning style as well as the type of learner they are. Here are some points for you to analyze your child’s learning style: 

  • Are they active? Constantly moving around? 
  • Do they learn better with images or audio?
  • Will they focus better if they are in a one-to-one class or a group? 


Knowing the type of learner your child is and their learning style will help you to narrow down the list when looking for a suitable tutor. 


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2 – Get recommendations from other parents

Typically, you can start off by getting recommendations from fellow parents, they probably have recommendations and can give you valuable advice and suggestions. Experienced parents will be able to tell you the better tutors they have encountered and you can either consider their recommendations or it can help you to narrow down your list of suitable tutors. You can either meet fellow parents from your child’s school or find online parent groups to join. These are some great ways to get recommendations from parents. 


math tutor

3 – Consult your child’s math teacher regarding your child’s learning 

It is essential to know your child’s learning style before you find the perfect tutor for them. To find out their learning style, you either need to spend more time with your child to understand their learning needs or you can seek their math teacher in school to understand more. Your child’s learning style will determine if the tutor that you have in mind is suitable for your child. Different tutors may have different teaching styles, and not all math tutors are able to meet the needs of your child. Hence, parents should get a glimpse of how their child studies math and decide from there.


math tutor

4 – Go through tuition agencies 

If you are new to finding tuition, tuition agencies are a great way to start your journey. Tuition agencies will be able to provide you with many suggestions and advice. Additionally, you can tell them what you are looking for and they will help you to find the right match. Tuition agencies though can be a hit or miss sometimes, but it is a good starting point for parents who are new to finding tuition. 


math tutor

5 – Try online tuition 

Online tuition is starting to take its place in the education sector as it offers the same benefits as face-to-face tuition except it is now more affordable and convenient to access. Online tuition is also a great option, to begin with, and there are many online tuitions that you can find on the web. 


Tutopiya is also a live online tuition platform that offers students Live Online Tuition on our in-house developed platform. We match our students to tutors according to their needs and requirements. Our tutors have also been vetted and trained to ensure they are able to deliver quality lessons online. New students are entitled to a free trial. Speak to our experts today to arrange for a free trial! 

6 – Budget 

It is not new news that taking tuition can be costly, especially if you are receiving tuition from experienced and reputable tutors. Their rates are high and it only gets higher with the level of difficulty. Hence, you may want to consider a budget too to narrow down your choices. 


7 – Knowing what the tutor can offer 

Of course, when you find a tutor, you need to understand what the tutor can offer for your child. How did their previous students fare? Are they able to meet your child’s learning needs? Do they have a goal or plan for how they are going to conduct their lessons for your child? This information can also help you to narrow down your list and find one that suits your child the best. 


Finding the right math tutor for your child will require your patience as not all tutors can teach your child. Parents will need to understand that your child and the tutor should have their own chemistry and synergy. The best math tutor is the one with who your child is comfortable confiding their math doubts and that the math tutor is able to offer the help that they need. 

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