7 tips for acing IB maths with an online math tutor

online maths tutor

Having an online math tutor for your IB math can greatly increase your chances of doing well for your IB exams. However, do you know how to fully optimize your learning sessions with your online maths tutor? Here are 7 ways to acing your IB maths with an online math tutor for your IB exam and future success. 

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7 tips for acing IB maths with an online math tutor


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1 – Make full use of the math resources provided by your online math tutor

Having an online math tutor offers students the opportunity to be exposed to more learning resources and materials. Experienced IB math tutors will know the curriculum well to know which learning resources will be helpful for students. Your tutors already vet these additional resources and all you have to do is to attempt and practice these. The additional resources you get outside of class provide students with extra practice and can overall help to strengthen math concepts. 


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2 – Clear your maths doubts as soon as possible with your online math tutor 

Having an online math tutor means students will have someone to look for when they have any math questions and doubts. This is extremely convenient for students who are shy to ask questions in class. Moreover, when you have your own personal tutor, you can seek help easily by attending your regularly scheduled class with them. Whereas, your school teachers may be busy with other classes or responsibilities after school, making it difficult to look for them when you have questions. The faster you clear your doubts, the faster you can move forward and onto the next chapter in the syllabus. This also helps students to stay on track and build a strong understanding and foundation of the concept before moving to the next chapter. 


3 – Get tips from your IB math tutor 

An experienced IB math tutor will know the specific workings that the examiners are looking for in your IB exams. Experienced tutors always know what the examiners look for, how the exam will be formatted, as well as how the questions will be asked. 


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4 – Schedule more sessions when the exam period is coming 

As the examination period approaches, many students tend to look for additional practice or are scrambling to start revising or catching up with the syllabus. However, students with personal tutors do not have to worry about looking for extra practice or worry about their revision. Personal tutors have their own set of practices for students and guide students through their revision. This way, students do not have to worry about where to begin their revision or think about finding more practice. 


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5 – Identify and close up any knowledge gaps 

The maths syllabus in any curriculum is structured the same, in order to move on to the next math chapter, you have to be strong in it first. Many math concepts build on previously learned knowledge, hence any knowledge gaps should be addressed instantly to prevent hindrance. Students should discuss with their tutors any potential knowledge gaps and weak areas. Experienced tutors will know your strengths and weaknesses in the subject well after teaching you for a period of time. Therefore, finding out your weaknesses can help you to tackle them outside of your tuition sessions and give you an idea of how to work around them with your tutor. Closing up your knowledge gaps will definitely give you a boost in acing your IB math exams! 


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6 – Build a strong foundation in concepts 

With a personal math tutor, students can build a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics. This corresponds to establishing a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. Mathematical concepts are the foundation of many other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. These subjects rely heavily on basic maths concepts, hence laying the groundwork well for your mathematics can go a long way toward your academic success. 


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7- Actively participate in learning during tuition

In order to get the most out of out your tuition sessions with your IB math tutor, you should always actively participate in the activities and seek different ways to learn. For instance, you should always make sure that you understand the right way to solve the questions instead of memorizing the way to do it. Request your tutor to check your understanding and help you to bridge any understanding issues by highlighting to them the parts that you are unsure of. 


Tips to Finding the ideal Maths Tutor for your IB exam 

There are plenty of excellent and experienced IB tutors, however, to meet one that matches your chemistry is not going to be as easy as you think. 


Why is it important to find the most suitable tutor for your IB exam?

In a traditional classroom setting, the style of teaching is standardized. There is no teaching style that will meet the needs of all the students in the class. Every student learns differently and uniquely, some may learn better with visuals while others learn better when they have hands-on experience. Therefore, finding a tutor that truly understands your learning style and knowledge gap will have drastic effects on your child’s improvement. 


So, how do you find the most ideal math tutor for your IB exams? Here are 3 tips/factors that you can use to find your ideal math tutor for your IB exams. 


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1 – Get recommendations from other parents or friends 

Parents can join forums or other parenting groups to find tuition agencies or private tutors. It can surely help you to narrow down your choices and start somewhere. 


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2 – Ask questions 

Do not be afraid to ask your tutor about their experience and qualifications and even their teaching plan for you. There is nothing wrong with ensuring you are getting quality tuition from the tutor.  


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3 – Meet the tutor 

Meeting the tutor and taking a trial lesson can help you to have an idea of what their lessons and teaching style are like. This helps you to verify if their teaching style and method will suit your learning needs. 


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