7 Study Tips to Assist Learners to Study Effectively 

study tips to study effectively 

As many examinations are approaching, we will be sharing with our readers some study tips to study effectively. Whether you are taking the IGCSE, IB, or a private candidate in your chosen curriculum, these study tips are still applicable and helpful for all learners. Let’s dive right into these study tips to study effectively! 


study tips to study effectively


7 Study tips to study effectively

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1 – Planning a study schedule

If you do your research about studying effectively, planning a revision schedule is always on the list. The reason why planning your revision is so important is because it provides learners with a good overview of all the subjects and topics they need to work on. It also helps individuals the opportunity to utilize their time to the fullest. 

Continue reading to find out how some of the next few tips can help you to come up with the perfect study plan for you. 

Using Spaced Learning to Combat the Forgetting Curve


2 – Effective study tips: Spaced Repetition 

As explained by Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, we lose the memory of any information if there is no consistent reviewing to reinforce the concept. The way to counter the forgetting curve is to review the information in a span of 2 to 3 days. It is recommended for learners to review the information more frequently at the beginning (every 1 to 2 days) and as you build up the muscle memory, you can space out the frequency of reviewing to every 3 to 4 days. 

In the long run, individuals will be able to recall the information easily. 

Based on this study technique, you can plan your revision schedule accordingly. 


Here is an example of how you can space out your learning 


1 Absorb new information 
2 and 3 Revisit and review the concept
5 and 7  Review the concepts
10 and 13 Review notes 


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3 – Conducive environment 

Creating a conducive environment is prepping your space with all the required materials for revision and study. This environment will exclude any form of distraction such as mobile phones, television, and gaming consoles. Find a place where there is not too much noise, too dark, or too cramped. Somewhere you feel comfortable sitting in for hours. A conducive environment is essential for effective learning. 


study tips to study effectively 

4 – Sleep 

Sleep should not be neglected as it helps to fill up your energy bar again for the next day. Sleep, of course, primarily provides us with the energy to work every day but did you know that when you are asleep, your mind absorbs all the information you have worked on during the day? Hence, if you don’t sleep, you are essentially wasting your day’s hard work. 


study tips to study effectively 

5 – Using the right study strategies for the right subjects 

It is important to be agile and flexible when it comes to studying and revising your subjects. Different subjects will require different study strategies. Tutopiya has also released several subject-specific study strategies for our students to reference. 

Certain subjects require more memorizing and absorbing of information, whereas others are more abstract and may require more tools to visualize the concept. 


study tips to study effectively 

6 – Paraphrasing and reorganizing concepts 

After learners are confident in their concepts and theory, it is time for a self-quiz. The best way to ensure that you have understood the concepts learned is to paraphrase the concepts using your own words. Find different ways to explain and convey the concepts in your own words. This is effective not only in confirming your understanding but also helps to reorganize the way you process the information and concepts. 


study tips to study effectively 

7 – Prevent overlearning 

Overlearning is the process of practicing beyond the point where improvement is not significant. More often than not, we prefer to practice on topics that we are confident and comfortable with. However, it is not ideal, as we can devote the time to weaker topics and reap greater improvements and proficiency. 

Hence, to prevent yourself from overlearning, we recommend using the Pomodoro study method. The Pomodoro method splits learning sessions into short sessions like 25 or 50 minutes to prevent procrastination and increase productivity in students. This study method also helps prevent overlearning. 


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These are 7 study tips to study effectively for all learners. Learners and students can also find some of our study resources on our blog page. 

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