Top Tips for GCSE O Level English

5 Tips to Ace ‘O’ Level English Paper this Nov 2018 | Tutopiya Online Tutoring

A key aspect of conquering GCSE ‘O’ Level English is developing skills to anticipate the new trends. As this is something that will make or break your L1R5, the team of experts in Tutopiya have curated a beginner’s guide to conquering the 2018 ‘O’ Level English.

1. Essay plan

After you have read the question and chosen which you’d like to answer, spend 10 minutes crafting an essay plan. Detail your introduction, body and conclusion in point form. This is crucial to ensure the subsequent essay you write is coherent and comprehensive.

2. Comprehension

Determine first if the question is an inferential or direct question. If it is direct, many times, you could just rephrase the relevant portion from the passage. If it is inferential, take a bit of time to read thoroughly the relevant part and try to think a step further and figure out what the question is aiming to draw from you.

3. Editing

Pay attention to the sentence in the paragraph and the context where it exists. Sometimes, it might seem as if there is no error in the question, but when you read it in its context, you can figure out the type of error more effectively.

4. Read the questions first

It helps to scan through the questions first before reading the text. This gives you a sense of what the questions are asking and so you will subconsciously be able to search for answers as you read the passage.

5. Time-management

This might be the most important skill to master. Write as quickly and as legibly as you can. But also slow down when it’s crucial. For instance, it’s important to ensure you fully understand the passage, so after you finish reading it, you should write a 2-line summary of what the passage was about just to test your understanding. If you’re unsure of what a question is asking, especially if it’s an inferential question, skip it and come to it again later.

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