3 Tips And Tricks To Make IGCSE Maths Less Intimidating

3 Tips And Tricks To Make IGCSE Maths Less Intimidating

In the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) program, students are required to take up a minimum of 5 compulsory subjects, one of which is mathematics. The thing is, math scares many students, not just yourself. In fact, it’s relatively common for students to feel anxious and even afraid whenever they have to study or have a math exam coming up.

Even though many students may hold the misconception that one must be “gifted” in math to excel, this is simply not true. There are many ways to make math engaging and less intimidating, so that you can have a more positive IGCSE math experience.

1. Be open to making mistakes

Unlike language or humanities subjects, in which there are no strict right or wrong answers, math can be extremely streamlined. It’s no help when some learning environments focus on getting the answers correct rather than encouraging students to understand mathematical concepts and think rationally. Therefore, it’s always good to remind yourself that it’s okay and even expected to make mistakes while doing math.

No one is perfect, and mistakes are what allow us to be aware of and acknowledge our problems. If you encounter a challenging question or equation in the future, don’t run away from it and tackle it to the best of your ability. Even if you get the question wrong, you can learn from it and feel a sense of accomplishment for not giving up.

2. Take it one step at a time

Math is a complex subject, so it’s impossible for you to understand and grasp all the workings in one sitting. While you may be inclined to memorise all the details the night before an exam, this is never a sustainable solution for the long-term. What’s more, it may even backfire on you in the long run. We say this is because math is a cumulative subject, which means that what you have been taught now is required for more challenging equations later. For example, to solve simultaneous equations, you must know how to solve simple linear equations.

Therefore, it’s best to build a strong foundation first before moving on to more complex problems.

3. Be excited about math

Just like with other things in life, being excited about math can motivate you to spend more time solving equations and practising mathematical problems. Math isn’t a tough subject as it simply requires the student to be well-versed in the workings and concepts. However, in order to achieve this capability, students have to look for ways to encourage themselves to make math less monotonous.

Some of the ways you can make math more engaging are by taking part in mathematical games, using visual aids to understand problems, going with a hands-on approach, and incorporating math into your daily life.


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