10 Secrets About IB Tuition That Nobody Will Tell You

IB tuition

Are you contemplating whether you should take up IB tuition? Here are 10 secrets that nobody will tell you about IB tuition! 


10 Secrets About Ib Tuition That Nobody Will Tell You


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1 – You have somebody to count on 

The perks of having tuition are having an experienced individual helping and guiding you through your learning journey. You may also feel comforted to know that you can rely on somebody when you have doubts and/or any other school-related queries. Your IB tutor is there to help you improve and is your pillar of support in your studies. Hence, you may feel a sense of relief knowing that you have somebody to count on. 


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2 – Reliable resources 

IB tuitions are offered by experienced teachers and/or tutors who are familiar with the curriculum and assessment criteria. Hence, the resources provided to you by your IB tutors have already been vetted and curated to make sure it aligns with the IB curriculum and assessment standards. 


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3 – Receive tips relevant to your curriculum and subjects

Similar to point 2, besides having the ability to offer students with useful and insightful study materials, the tutor can provide students with tips specific to students curriculums, subjects, and own learning styles. These tips can be tips with regards to how the assessments are carried out, the keywords examiners are always looking out for, common mistakes frequently made by students, and many more. The right IB tutor will offer students great insights into the curriculum and their own learning. Since every student is unique, the tutor may have study tips for their students to improve their learning efficiency and increase their productivity levels.  


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4 – IB tuition identifies your weaknesses 

The purpose of having IB tuition is, of course, to catch up with the curriculum and get additional practice. However, enrolling in IB tuition can help you to identify your weaknesses which is vital for every student’s learning journey. Knowing your weaknesses can be powerful as you are aware of the areas you need to put more effort into. It helps students to delegate time in an effective way to tackle their weaknesses. Additionally, when your IB tutor identifies your weaknesses, they’d be sure to quickly address your knowledge gaps and close them up as soon as possible to prevent hindrance to advancing. You would have somebody that helps you to work on your weaker areas with you! 


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5 – IB Tuition identifies your strengths

Experienced IB Tutors can help to identify your strengths and make use of them for other aspects of the study. Your IB tutor can make use of your strengths in areas that can help you to either further advance or a tool to help aid your weaker areas. This is purely up to how your IB tutor curates their teaching style to suit your learning style which is something only an experienced tutor can do for their students. 


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6 – Time spent during tuition will be effective and productive 

Having an IB tuition sort of requires the students to be present and attentive. IB tutors will set the agenda clearly for that session’s learning and ensure that the learning goals are met. As compared to traditional classroom settings, where a teacher has to take care of a class of 30 to 40 students, IB tuition offers their students undivided attention from their tutors. Learning sessions are thus far more effective and productive with undivided attention for your tutor. 


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7 – Learn to be accountable for your IB studies with IB Tuition

IB tuition is to help students get extra practice to prepare them for their final examinations. Therefore, these additional practices are essential for improvement and advancement. These additional practices will hold students accountable for their own IB studies as it benefits only them at the end of the day. Hence, when students learn to be accountable for their IB tuition homework, they are also taking responsibility for their own studies. 


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8 – Learn outside of the classroom 

Instead of the typical classroom studying, IB tuition can be taken outdoors. Lessons can be conducted outdoors to offer students a different perspective on the subject. Additionally, learning outside of the classroom will allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world. A change of environment for learning is great for educational growth. It helps students to put abstract knowledge into practice which can help to enhance their learning. There are no restrictions when it comes to IB tuition. 


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9 – Explore and understand your own learning style with IB Tuition

As you work closely with your tutors, they will be able to understand your learning style and habits. These are valuable information for you to take away at the end of the day. This speaks about the way you work and how you work. Knowing your way of learning productively can help you to identify which study methods work best for you. It prevents wasting your time and effort in trying out study methods that will never work for you. Tutors can also provide you with suggestions for studying and revision which can come in handy. Experienced tutors change and adapt their teaching style to students’ learning pace. You won’t have to worry about finding the right study method for yourself. 


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10 – IB Tuition answers your doubts 

When you have somebody that you can count on for your studies, you also can express your doubts and questions easily. You are able to trust and rely on your tutor to provide you with the answers you need to move forward. 


In a nutshell, IB tuition reaps more benefits than you can ever expect. 

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