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What is AS & A Levels?

Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) and Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) are subject-based credentials often completed in the last two years of secondary school.

What is the difference between Cambridge International AS & A Level curriculum?

Cambridge International AS Level is normally a one-year curriculum of study, whereas Cambridge International A Level is typically a two-year curriculum. Each programme is evaluated at the conclusion.

Why should you pursue Cambridge International AS and A Levels?

AS and A Levels are globally acknowledged qualifications required for admission to colleges and universities and professional training initiatives. AS & A-levels are commonly studied in the age range of 17 and 18. A-levels can assist you in gaining admission to a college or university in your native country or internationally.

The recognition and approval of Cambridge AS and A levels in universities

UCAS and universities in the UK as well as overseas comprehend Cambridge International AS and A Levels as a grade for grade comparable to UK AS and A Levels

Assessment options learners can choose from Cambridge AS & A Levels qualifications

Take all of the Cambridge International A Level course papers at the same time, generally at the end of the course Take only the Cambridge International AS Level. The syllabus is equivalent to half of a Cambridge International A Level.
Using the advanced structured assessment method, take the Cambridge International AS Level in one course and the final Cambridge International A Level in another. Grades from an AS level can be passed on to a full A level twice in a year.

The Cambridge International grade thresholds for AS & A Levels

After each exam series, Cambridge International publishes grade thresholds. A grade boundary is the minimal number of marks required for a candidate to receive a specific grade on an exam or in a topic.

What can you do after AS & A Level Examinations to improve your career prospects

Enhance Your Education: Consider enrolling in a renowned institution or college for a bachelor's degree programme. The degree you choose should be in line with your job goals and hobbies.

Why should you consider Tutopiya for AS and A Level tuitions?

Tutopiya has a team of highly trained and experienced tutors who are subject matter experts. These instructors are knowledgeable with the AS and A Level curriculum and are excellent at offering efficient education. Tutopiya is a purpose-built, cutting-edge online classroom platform with cutting-edge features, as well as a network of the most verified, certified, and experienced online private instructors, who are presently instructing hundreds of students in over 25 countries. Tutopiya is the ideal pick since we shine out for multiple reasons.

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Who Are Our Tutors?

Tutors at Tutopiya are highly qualified and trained to teach the SAT examinations. Our tutors are specialists in the SAT curriculum.

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Why Choose Tutopiya Online Tuition Over Home Tuition?

Looking for reliable home tutors to get exam ready? One of the top online tuition agencies in Singapore is here to help you.

Live & Interactive Learning

One on one tuition in the comfort of your home or on the go!

Outstanding Tutors and Guaranteed Results

Internationally qualified, experienced and screened private tutors.

Subjects On Demand

Add on any subjects at any time on your package.

Customized Study Plans

Diagnostic assessments to understand student’s abilities and provide personalized lesson plans.

Flexible Timings

Flexible timings and e-tuition durations to suit your availability

Student-Tutor Resource Portal

Our students are set and graded on targeted tailored homework practice, past papers, assessments & assignments from our expert Tutors using this specially developed portal.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons for students to refer back to!

Parental Engagement

Parents are given constructive feedback from tutors after each lesson.

Quick Sign Up and Response

Convenient, fast and reliable. Online home tuition at your fingertips in under 12 hours.

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How Does Our Online Tuition Work?

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Truly International

Our online classroom spans across the globe. At Tutopiya we make e-tuition accessible. All our online tuition plans are personalized to our students enrolled with us. We truly are an international tuition agency.

Be it in Singapore or anywhere in the world,
our team of passionate and dedicated coordinators brings quality, online home tuition near you.

We pride in being there for students and parents right from the start to ensure that they experience only the best of online private tuition right from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

At Tutopiya Online Tuition, our trained student coordinators and support team understand that it is important to find the best private tutor for students to get the most out of their private home tuition experience.

Offering both the International and Singapore curriculums,
our private online lessons are live and interactive,
creating a stimulating yet safe environment for students to study.

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