Study with Idols: How and Where to Study with Your Favorite K-pop Idols 

study with idols

Study with Your Favorite K-pop Idols: How and Where to Make It Happen


We certainly have taken for granted those pre-covid days where studying with your peers and friends was a given. Now, studying together with your friends is still restricted with masks. However, many new study ideas have been birthed thanks to the pandemic and one of the trending study hype is studying with idols. Yes, you can now virtually study with your favorite K-pop idols in the comfort of your own home or study space. 

Whilst being safe from the pandemic, you can enjoy the companionship of your favorite idols. Studying has never been more enjoyable with such an experience! Today, we will break down some of the most popular “Study with Me” featuring idols like BTS, Twice, Stray Kids, TXT and how you can find these study with me videos! 


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Where to find Study with Me videos with your favorite Idols 

study with idols

1. Youtube: Study with Idols 

We certainly have to kick off this list with BTS! BTS has released their own Study with Me video on their YouTube channel. 

There are many other youtube channels that have cut together clips to simulate a Study with Me setting with your favorite idols! All you need to do is to search Study with Me BTS and you can start to study with idols! 


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2. Tik Tok – LifeAt


study with idols


You can find plenty of Study with Idol videos on Tiktok using the hashtag #LifeAt. LifeAt is a Tiktok account that uploads these Study with Me videos for K-pop fans to enjoy. They have over 5 million videos under that hashtag, so if you are looking for any Study with Idol videos, try searching #LifeAt on TikTok! 


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3. Vlive 


V LIVE - Apps on Google Play


Vlive is a popular streaming platform for Kpop idols. Some of your favorite idols may live stream a study with me session on Vlive, so be sure to keep a lookout by turning on notifications to your favorite idols. The majority of K-pop idols are on Vlive, their previously streamed videos are also available under their uploads. Hence, you can find their previous uploads too over at Vlive! 

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Find your favorite Study with Idols video here! 


1. Study with Idols: BTS 



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2.  Study with Idols: TXT 



3. Enhypen 


4. Twice 



5. Blackpink


6. Study with Idols: Stray Kids



7. Seventeen 



8. NCT



Interesting facts about Kpop idols with regards to their studies


study with idols

1. Park Kyung’s IQ

Block B’s main rapper has a whopping IQ of 156, just 4 points behind Albert Einstein! 


study with idols

2. Jungkook from BTS graduated with President’s Award

In 2021, Jungkook graduated from Global Cyber University with the President’s Award. The President’s Award is one of the highest honors attainable in a university in Korea. This award is presented to those who have excelled not only in their studies but also in their character. This award is given as a recognition to those who have contributed to the community significantly alongside their outstanding achievements in studies and as a character. 

What an inspiration he is! 


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study with idols


3. 2 of 5 Big Bang Members hold a Master’ Degree

The long-awaited legends of Kpop have returned! But did you know that two members of Bigbang have a Master’s degree? And they are none other than G-Dragon and Taeyang! G-Dragon has a Masters’s Degree in Content and Retail Distribution from Sejong University. On the other hand, Taeyang has a Master’s Degree in Producing and Performances and Images.


How inspiring are all these K-pop idols! 


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