Group Tuition and Its Benefits: 7 Reasons Why Group Tuition Is Helpful For Your Child

Small group tuition is another type of tuition that parents commonly favor. The reason is, it is cost-effective and students are still able to get the tutor’s individual attention during tuition lessons. 


What is group tuition? 

Small group tuition usually consists of 3 to 4 students. Anything beyond 4 students in a tuition group would not be considered a small tuition group. Moreover, it would be most optimal if the group is limited to 3 to 4 students. Otherwise, it would be no different from a traditional classroom setting in school.


Here are 7 reasons why group tuition is helpful for students

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1 – Encourages group discussion 

In terms of group tuition benefits, when in group tuition, tutors may incorporate discussion sessions for students to share their own opinions, answers, and ideas with the rest. This helps students who are listening to brainstorm and analyze their peers’ thoughts. This helps students to cultivate critical and analytical thinking skills. It also opens the door for more in-depth discussions to explore a student’s point of view. 


Hence, group discussion can be valuable and insightful for students. 



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2 – Boost confidence of students

Small group tuition helps students to stay on task while at the same time encouraging friendly competition among themselves. When done well, the tutor can express praise or rewards for students who have done well. 

This can help boost students’ confidence as their efforts are being recognized by their tutors and peers. This would also encourage the other peers to do well for their next upcoming tests and put in more effort for future assignments and tests. 

This boost of confidence can help students to become active learners and enjoy learning in school and tuition lessons. 


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3 – Improves social skills and communication 

During group discussions, students will learn to express their thoughts into words that their peers can understand. This helps to build up a student’s communication skills as well as their English Language at the same time. Additionally, students who have other opinions will also learn how to rebuttal during small group discussions. 



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4 – It makes tuition less dreadful 

Some students may not prefer one-to-one tuition as it feels daunting and scary for them. However, small group tuition encourages students to interact with one another and have meaningful conversations during lessons. This would make tuition lessons less stressful and more enjoyable for your child. 


It can have numerous positive effects on your child such as instilling:

  • Confidence
  • Independence 
  • Discipline 


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5 – Impactful examination revision 

The busiest season for a student would be their final examination at the end of the semester. It is also the time where students will find themselves spending more time at tuition lessons. 


Small tuition groups can help students to have a greater sense of urgency and productivity. Students may also share their own examination tips that they know from their own school teachers to one another. 


When met with a difficult problem, they can come together to solve the problem with the tutor’s guidance. This will all in all make lessons more enjoyable and less tense during the examination season. 


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6 – Motivation from peers 

When students are able to study with their group of friends, it can be a great source of motivation. It can assure and comfort students that they are not alone in this and they have other company that is going through the same thing as well. Furthermore, when a student sees their peers excelling and doing well, it can help to motivate them to do well too. 


This overall may help both students to become better learners and adopt a positive attitude towards learning together. 



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7 – Cost-effective and efficient 

As compared to one-to-one tuition, group tuition may come off more affordable for parents especially if they have more than one child. 

Group tuition and one-to-one tuition both have their benefits, however, in terms of cost, group tuition is usually favored. 


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In a nutshell, both small group tuition and one-to-one tuition have their own advantages and disadvantages. Small group tuition is still considered good and highly favored due to its cost, however, Tutopiya hopes that this article has helped parents to understand that there are more benefits that small group tuition can offer besides its cost-efficiency. 

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