7 Fantastic Benefits Of Online Tutoring

Benefits Of Online Tutoring

Before discussing the various benefits of online tutoring, let us see  how the current pandemic has impacted our education and professional lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably affected the lives of people in every corner of the world whether it be education, employment or health. Walking into a classroom full of students may seem like a distant dream for many of us. Honestly, most of us cannot remember what it feels like to walk into a classroom full of students anymore. But has this stopped us from teaching? Definitely not. The development of technology has enabled teachers to carry on their classes over the internet and students to continue their learning. There is a growing trend for online tutoring and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 16.1% from 2020 to 2027.

Here are some key benefits of online tutoring : 

  1. Teach from the comfort of your bedroom

    Here’s why online tutoring could be better than in-person. The main reason is the ease with which your sessions can take place. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection to have an online class using zoom or any other video application. 

    The need to travel to meet your student does not exist and that definitely saves your money and time. You do not need to fuss over cleaning the house but just get a seat at the table and you are all set to start your online class. The biggest pro is avoiding the dreadful commute to work.

  2. Interactive and Innovative

    One significant benefit of online tutoring is its potential for student engagement. Many kids today are a product of a digital age and thrive in a virtual environment. Therefore they will easily adapt to the technology. Moreover, the tools that are available in these online platforms enhance the student’s learning experience. For example sharing screens, whiteboards and other features contribute to the collaboration between the tutor and the student. So your lessons would not be boring anymore!

  3.  Self-paced personalized tutoring is also one of the benefits of online tutoring

    The learning is a one to one process which makes it comfortable for the student as well as the tutor. Students can discuss the topics multiple times if they do not understand without hesitating. Unlike in a typical classroom, students do not need to match the pace of the entire class and the tutor could focus on the student. Tutors can take their time to strengthen the areas the student struggles with at their own pace. A tutor can prepare the lesson plans according to the student’s requirements at their own convenience which makes the learning more personalized.

  4. Study while you work

    Most of us struggle to work full-time and continue our studies and as a result, we decide to give up on one or the other. With the concept of online tutoring, we will not be burdened by this anymore. Acquiring work experience is an added advantage whilst doing your higher studies as it enhances your resume. Not only does it add spark to your resume but will be a good source of income which will contribute to your studies.

  5. Expand Horizons

    Tutors are no longer limited to students in the same region or country but are able to reach a broader student population. Online tutoring gives the opportunity to reach out to students all over the world which will help gain experience and open up to a whole new world of knowledge.  Tutors will be aware of new curriculums and get the opportunity to improve their communication skills by interacting with students from different countries.

  6. Reduced pressure

    Tutors have the ability to plan the lesson, gather resources, share resources at their own convenience with the student. Your teaching will be highly effective as the lessons are personalised giving you the opportunity to adapt to the student. There is no need to worry about catching up the pace of the other students anymore. No two students learn exactly the same way and tutors can create an environment which is more conducive to individual learning styles without any pressure through an online class.

  7. Boost self-confidence

    Anything is truly possible if we believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed. Being an online tutor is a pathway to a career as an educationist but it is also beyond just a career. A tutor provides the student with the necessary foundation for their future and the fact that you have the ability to do so is more than enough to believe in yourself. Some tutors may be comfortable in a traditional class setting with familiar faces and will not be comfortable to shift to a different environment. However, by interacting with students from different geographical regions tutors are able to improve their language skills, boost their self-confidence, enhance their knowledge on different curriculums and improve their adaptation skills.







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