Expat Singaporeans: 3 Tips To Stay In Touch With The Curriculum

expat singaporeans

Are you one of our expat Singaporeans? Are you travelling out of the country or migrating to other countries for a period of time? Or are you considering moving back to Singapore soon for your child’s education? 

Here are 4 useful tips for expat Singaporeans to help keep their children up-to-date with the Singapore MOE curriculum before they move back. 

The Singapore curriculum is curated by the Ministry of Education Singapore which focuses on the growth of Singaporeans as a country. The curriculum emphasises the importance of learning in-depth rather than in width. 

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3 important tips for Expat Singaporeans to stay in touch with the curriculum 

expat singaporeans

1 – Online Tuition for expat Singaporeans 

As you move out of Singapore, finding a home tutor that teaches the Singapore curriculum is difficult and impossible. Hence, online tuition is the best option for your child to stay in touch with the local syllabi. You can find any online tuition on the internet and stay connected. Online tuition is convenient, easily accessible and hassle-free. 

Your child can start their online tuition before moving back to the country to stay in touch.

Tutopiya is a Singapore-based 1-1 Live Online Tuition that offers online tuition for children aged 7 to 19, from their primary school years to tertiary education. 

Our tutors are screened and trained to provide high-quality online tuition for our students, with the majority of our tutors residing in Singapore and well-aware of the latest MOE curriculum. 

Tutopiya also uses the most up-to-date resources that are aligned with the latest MOE curriculum. 

We offer all Singapore curriculums:


– GCE O Level

– GCE A Level


2 – Staying in the know about the curriculum

The MOE curriculum updates every few years to ensure that our curriculum stays updated and students are constantly learning new things. Therefore it is important to stay updated if you are still intending to return to the country to continue your child’s education in Singapore.

You can visit the official MOE website here to find out more. 


3 – Know the procedures before moving back

If you are considering moving back, it is important to find out what protocols you might have to follow to enrol your child back into a mainstream school. 

You will need to find out details such as the enrollment and registration date. Additionally, it is good to do research on finding the right primary school for your child. 

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The article consists of the administrative details that you will need to know to enrol your child into a mainstream government school. 



All in all, it is easy to fall out of touch with the curriculum as you move overseas. If you are still intending to move back to Singapore for your child’s education, it is good to stay on your toes and keep both your child and you up-to-date with the tips provided. 


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