Fathers day 2021: 9 Things You Can Do To Make Your Father Feel Special

Fathers day 2021

Due to the current restrictions imposed by the world due to COVID19, many of us are scratching our heads to think about what we can do for our loved ones. Whereas in this case, we are wrecking brains to find the perfect thing we can do to make our fathers feel special. Tutopiya shares with you 9 things you can do to make your father feel special on Father’s day. It also includes a bonus gift idea at the end of the article for Fathers day 2021.

There are so few things we can do around the house during this time, but here are 9 things (inclusive of indoors and outdoors ideas) to celebrate Father’s Day. Outdoor activities are subjected to your country’s restrictions. 

1 – Bring your dad on a food hunt 

This idea is great for dads who are more laid back, good food surely is a great way to make your father feel special. You can bring your dad out to go food hopping or order in different cuisines back home. You and your father can spend quality time together by indulging in good food and watching his favourite movies. 

fruit salad on gray bowls

2 – Bake your dad a cake for Fathers day 2021 

If your dad has a sweet tooth, this idea is superb to celebrate your dad’s birthday or Father’s day. You can try baking and decorating a cake from scratch to express your gratitude. There are so many useful YouTube baking videos that you can follow. 

Alternatively, you can bake a cake WITH your dad! Baking is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dad. 

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Here are some baking ideas you can try out with your father or bake for your father! 

1 – Crepe cakes 

Crepe cakes are excellent for those who do not have a conventional oven for baking. All you need is a stove (which is available in all homes!) 

2 – Korean bento cakes

Korean bento cakes are really in trend right now, they are small-sized cakes put into a lunch box. These Korean cakes are sponge cakes, which you can find the recipe easily anywhere on YouTube. You can even get some decorating inspiration from Pinterest. 

3 – Air fryer sponge cake 

Yes, you read it right! You can bake a cake in your air fryer if you do not own an oven! 

There is an infinite number of cake ideas you can find on Pinterest and youtube! Let your creativity run wild! 

3 – Go-karting 

Pump up your blood and get the adrenaline rush from go-karting! Make your dad feel like a car racer by taking him to your local go-karting route. 

If you reside in Singapore, there are many go-karting services in Singapore. Here are some of the more popular ones: 

make your father feel special

1 – KF1 Karting

Located at Kranji, KF1 Karting is Singapore’s Largest Go-Kart Circuit. Experience karting in a whole new light and race at Singapore’s first-ever indoor karting circuit! For more information, you can visit their official website here

2 – The Karting Arena

The Karting Arena is located at Bukit Timah and they offer different course routes for different genres. They offer different race types and they include, fun karting, time attack and grand Prix. 

Visit their website here

4 – Cook a meal together

Similar to baking, you can cook a course meal for your dad or with your dad. If your dad is more of a foodie than a sweet tooth, cooking is a fun activity that both you and your dad can indulge in.

Simply find the cuisine he likes and try recreating it together with him! 

Fathers day 2021

5 – Go on a hike or bike ride with your dad

This one is for the sporty and active dads. If your dad loves the outdoors and being active, spend some time with your dad by doing the things he enjoys. Here are some outdoor activities you can do to make your father feel special. 

1 – Rock climb 

2 – Hike a trail 

3 – Go camping 

4 – Go for a bike ride 

5 – Kayaking 

6 – Fishing

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6 – Visit a museum or an aquarium 

With more relaxed restrictions, you can still take your dad out to visit the museum, aquarium, zoo and bird parks. You can even take the flyer to enjoy the view of the city. Here are some other activities both your dad and you can indulge in together on a special day. 

1 – Zoo

2 – Aquarium

3 – Bird parks 

4 – Art museum 

5 – Flyer 

6 – Take a cruise 

7 – Universal studios

silhouette of people looking at auqrium

7 – Wine or beer tasting experience 

If your dad enjoys tasting his wines or liquors, you can take him to a wine or beer tasting experience. You can simply search up where you can find opportunities like these at where you reside. 

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8 – Do some hands-on activities together

Here are some activity ideas you can refer to:

1 – Puzzle 

2 – Lego building 

3 – Play board or card games 

4 – Solve funny riddles together 

(you can search riddles on Youtube and watch them together with your dad and solve them as you both go along) 

make your father feel special

9 – Food and movie in the car

Have a family car? Take your dad out for a drive and grab some food on the way. Make your father feel special by setting up a nice and comfortable resting area at the back of your car and watch the sunset or rise together! 

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Bonus gift idea! 

This might be a fun and quirky gift idea, but get your dad a home karaoke set! Your family can all have a fun time singing karaoke at home now that the KTVs are closed. 

5 Home KTV Systems For Singaporeans Who Miss Singing At Lounges


Tutopiya wishes all dads a Happy Father’s day and hopes all our students and parents are staying safe and healthy. 

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