Diagnostic Assessment Program

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IGCSE Diagnostic Assessment
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IGCSE Diagnostic Assessment

Why Choose Our Diagnostic Assessment?

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

🗸  Detailed grade & score breakdown.

🗸  Total time spent & time per question.

Personalized Recommendations

🗸 Tailored growth recommendations.

🗸 Expert-curated study plans.

AI-Powered Assisstance

🗸 Detailed marking schemes with scores.

🗸 Categories of strengths and areas of improvement.

Parental Involvement

🗸 Share reports with parents via WhatsApp.

🗸 Request a callback for parent support.

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Diagnostic Assessment Sample Report

IGCSE Diagnostic Assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Diagnostic Assessment identifies your strengths and weaknesses based on questions curated from each topic. It provides customized recommendations for learning resources and strategies, helping you improve your understanding and confidence in the subject.

A detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses will be provided to you once you complete the Diagnostic Assessment. This report will also include a personalized study plan created by experts, outlining specific learning resources and estimated study time to achieve your academic goals.

While the personalized study plan is created based on your Diagnostic Assessment results, it is flexible and can be adjusted to your individual needs and learning style. You can prioritize specific areas or adjust the suggested study time based on your availability.

Yes, you can retake the Diagnostic Assessment at any time to track your progress and see how your understanding of your subject has improved over time. This can help you gauge the effectiveness of your study plan and adjust it as needed.