7 Great Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Coding

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Coding for children can reap numerous benefits for them. Programming and coding have seemingly taken over the world without you knowing. Every technology that we use requires coding – our phones, laptops, etc. As our world continues to advance, we will need more coders and engineers and they are none other than our children. 

Today, we explore 7 great reasons why children should learn coding. The article will touch on these points: 

– 7 great reasons why children should learn coding

– The types of computer language available 

– Which computer language should your child start learning?

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7 great reasons why children should learn coding

1 – Improve problem-solving and logic skills

Coding is more than just learning how to type lines of computer language. It requires children to understand the problem and use logical thinking to solve the problem. This will involve them breaking down the problem into small bite-size pieces to be able to solve the problem effectively. 

This is also known as decomposition and one key aspect of computational thinking. 

Additionally, should their program run into errors, they will learn to analyze their codes, go back step by step again to see what went wrong. Coders and programmers are constantly debugging and problem-solving – and this sure builds up their critical thinking skills. 

2 – Coding teaches children how to think 

If you are a coder yourself, you will know coding requires a lot of thinking about the step by step process of how the processor will work to give you the final result. 

Hence coding for children teaches them how to think, how should each line of code go to achieve the next desired response? How should they arrange their codes to achieve the correct outcome? 

It allows your child to constantly reflect and think – which could ultimately shape them into a better person as a whole. 

3 – Increases creativity in children

There are many ways to solve a coding problem. Children will be able to analyse a vague idea and use their creativity to solve the problem. If their first solution does not work, they will try another one, they will keep innovating new solutions until they find one that works. Coding helps to spark creativity in children and this type of thinking skills are highly sought after. 

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4 – Useful skill in the future – greater prospects and opportunities ahead

Technology is here to stay for a long time and coding will only become more and more wanted in the job industry. 

Coding for children at a young age helps to open new doors for them in the future.

Firstly, learning to code when they are young allows them to keep building on their skills and keep making advances in their coding skills. This will give them a huge advantage over their peers who start learning coding at a later age. (the coding industry will only become more and more competitive hence it is good to start and develop coding skills early.) 

Secondly, they will have more opportunities in many different industries. They can explore new jobs and look into other professions in the future. The world of coding is limitless and brings many opportunities and options. 

5 – Builds confidence 

No doubt when it comes to learning new skills, we will fall and make mistakes. When children learn to code, they will develop the ability to pick themselves up after they fail. Children would not take failures negatively, but something positive as it helps them to learn more.

This will help them build resilience and perseverance, building confidence for when they finally succeed. Not to mention, the sense of accomplishment they will feel after failing countless times and finally succeeding in the end. 

6 – Coding for children helps with mathematical skills 

To understand why coding is helpful with mathematical skills, you will need to understand that coding requires logical thinking, and it is shown through the usage of conditional statements, loops and numbers in coding. This can easily help to improve mathematical skills for your child. 

Using logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own makes math more engaging and fun! 

7 – Kids learn better when they are young 

The earlier the kids learn, the better.

During their early years, children are naturally curious minds and easily intrigued as they experience everything for the first time – they are constantly absorbing new information and able to learn quickly.  

Hence, it is a great choice to let your child learn coding at a young age, as they can continue to make advances as they grow older and learn more complex problems. 

Starting young gives your child leverage to have the upper hand as compared to their peers. 

Most popular coding languages 

1 – JavaScript 

2 – Python 

3 – HTML 

4 – Java

5 – SQL 

6 – C or C++ 

Which language should your child get started with? 

Python will top the list for being the first programming language that your child should learn first. This is because python is fast, easy to learn and easy to deploy. Many platforms also use python languages such as Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. 

Instead of jumping into strict syntax rules, Python reads codes like English and it is simple to understand for beginners. Python allows you to obtain a basic understanding of coding practices without needing to obsess over small and minute details. 

Coding for Children with Tutopiya

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