Is your child ready for the upcoming PSLE exam?

psle 2021

The PSLE 2021 is right around the corner again, is your child ready for the upcoming national examinations that will determine their secondary education path? In this article, we will explore 7 ways to get your child ready for the upcoming PSLE 2021


psle 2021

Preparing your child for PSLE 2021 

7 ways to prepare your child for PSLE 2021

1 – Have a study planner/ timetable 

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Start by planning with your child a study timetable. This helps to mentally prepare them for the revision plan they are going to have for the next few months. 

Then, further, break it down and have a study plan for every subject, every topic and every study session. Ensure that your child has an objective to their revision at the end of the day. You can use our Tutopiya printables to help you keep track of your child’s study session. 

This also encourages your child to learn to manage their time and fit other commitments into their life – CCA, interests, family, social time. 

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Here are some study planners just for you and your child! 


Download Here!

2 – Find the right study method for your child 

psle 2021

Revising for the PSLE 2021 is more than just going through all the TYS and past year papers. It is also about knowing the concepts well and having the ability to apply what has been learned. Besides the typical summarising, rereading and highlighting study methods, explore other more effective study techniques to achieve higher and more efficient study. 

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Active recall paired with spaced repetition has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective study techniques. Read our detailed article to find out more about the study method. 

Otherwise, watch how this Singapore NUS student uses this study method to break his way into the NUS Dean’s list! 


3 – Get all the needed materials ready 

psle 2021


Preparing your child for their revision and PSLE 2021 may require a lot of additional practices, guides and help. Find out where you can get PSLE resources, tuition and many more. 

Tutopiya is a 1-1 Live Online Tuition that is readily available and accessible for our students. We offer PSLE preparation for our students, as well as primary school tuition. We have a pool of well-trained and experienced PSLE tuition teachers ready to guide your child to success for their PSLE. Contact our personnel to try out a free trial today with us! 

Tutopiya offers well-rounded PSLE preparation for your child. 

1 – Our primary programmes

We offer 1-1 online tuition for primary 1 to 6 students, where we build your child’s learning foundation from when they join us. We focus on developing key skills such as comprehension of topics and problem-solving. 

2 – Our PSLE preparation classes

We study your child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to personalise a study plan that best fits your child’s learning. We ensure the lesson plan helps to close up any knowledge gaps your child may have and strengthen their strengths and go beyond to develop and further explore their strengths. 

Besides all the TYS your child will be trying to complete, it can be helpful to have additional resources around. Additional resources can include additional notes, useful and educational videos and cheat sheets. 

Visit Tutopiya’s resource centre here

Tutopiya offers many additional resources such as notes and prepared cheat sheets and summary notes for our students. Join our mailing list to get weekly study tips, study notes and many more! 

4 – Knowing the assessment criteria for all the subjects 

psle 2021

Be sure to go through all the assessment criteria and paper format with your child so they have an idea of what is going to be covered in the exam. This way, your child will be in the know of what they are going to study and what they need to look out for during examinations. 

Another good tip would be to go through the common mistakes made by students in the exams. What are some of the common mistakes students usually make in a particular subject and topic? Ensure that your child doesn’t make the same mistakes too! 

5 – Encourage and reward your child whenever necessary 

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The road to PSLE can be filled with stress and anxiety and your child may get worn out by all the revision and extra classes they are doing. It is important to listen to your child and understand they are still 12-year-olds anyways. They deserve a break every now and then. 

Designate time for them to rest and play. A break can help to recharge your child and relieve any stress if they are feeling any. Do not forget to encourage your child and assure them that they are doing a good job too! 

This is one of the ways to help prepare your child for PSLE 2021 healthily. With enough rest and playtime, they will be able to keep going and keep their revision momentum up. 

6 – Rest and food 

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Getting enough and a good rest is essential for optimal learning and memory function. Good sleep helps with the proper development of cognitive functions such as learning, memory and concentration. Hence, it is important to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep and a good night’s rest every night. 

Not having enough sleep may cause your child to be restless and easily distracted in the day, also causing their productivity level to drop drastically. 

Therefore, schedule your child to sleep at a fixed time every night so they are able to get enough rest. 

Food can also be the cause of your child’s restlessness and inability to concentrate. High intake of sugar, fried food and trans fat can spike insulin levels, making your child hyperactive and easily distracted. Here are 5 foods that your child should abstain from when they are studying. Instead, incorporate whole foods and fruits into your child’s diet to nourish their brains and body! 

7 – Knowing what lies ahead

psle 2021

Sit your child down and have a chat about their future ambitions and what they intend to study in the near future. Your child need not have a clear job prospect, in fact, just knowing what their interests, strengths and weaknesses are good enough. 

Their ambitions and dreams may change as they grow up, hence focus on their short term goals if they do not have anything in mind yet. Allow your child to explore their passion and interests. 

Start by knowing what secondary school they are looking to get into, then what CCA they are interested in and etc. 

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In a nutshell, we want to ensure that our children are working towards their own goals and have fun while learning. Tutopiya is here for our parents and students and wishes all our students the best of luck for any of their upcoming examinations. 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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