Tutopiya’s Shining Star: Unveiling the Story of Teacher Extraordinaire Pooja Thacker

Pooja Thacker's Journey with Tutopiya

Pooja Thacker’s Journey with Tutopiya: A Testament to Dedication and Excellence in Teaching


Teaching is not just a profession; it’s a calling, a vocation that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Pooja Thacker, an esteemed educator, shares her remarkable journey with Tutopiya, an educational platform that has become more than just a workplace—it’s a nurturing environment where she thrives. Let’s delve into the insights and experiences of Pooja, an Academic Artisan shaping minds and hearts.


A Sanctuary of Learning: Tutopiya as the Ultimate Workplace


Pooja begins by emphasizing her exclusive association with Tutopiya, describing it as the “best workplace” she’s been part of. The work environment at Tutopiya stands out, characterized by “almost zero politics” and an “extremely cooperative support team.” Pooja extends her gratitude to key figures who have made her Tutopiya experience exceptional—Ms. Kamakshi Tyagi, for support and guidance in improving teaching skills, Rohit Sharma, a steadfast member of the back-end team, and Shahla, a constant source of solutions.

Pooja expresses her appreciation for the “no politics and work-centric environment” at Tutopiya, considering it an honor to be associated with such a positive workplace.


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From Inspiration to Dedication: Pooja’s Teaching Journey


Reflecting on her inspiration to become a teacher, Pooja shares, “Honestly, I think every living creature has the need to feel loved; I am no different.” Her affinity for being around children stems from the “innocence, respect, and love” they exude, completing her sense of fulfillment.

Pooja also acknowledges the reciprocal nature of teaching, stating, “I strongly believe that it is not me as a tutor who imparts knowledge; I too learn a lot from my students.” Personal growth is evident as she mentions becoming “more patient, understanding, and grounded” over the course of her teaching journey.


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Transformative Moments: Every Student’s Journey


In response to witnessing transformations in students, Pooja humbly asserts, “I firmly believe all my students have transformed for the better.” This holistic view underscores her commitment to the overall development of each student, making it challenging to choose a single example.


The Art of Teaching: Strategies and Evolution


Pooja’s teaching philosophy revolves around allowing her students to just be and express themselves freely. “I try my level best to have my students just be and allow them to express whatever they want to,” she shares. This student-centric approach reflects her dedication to creating a nurturing and expressive learning environment.


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Sustaining Passion: The Joy of Teaching


When asked about staying motivated year after year, Pooja reveals, “I feel motivated and passionate about teaching year after year as I adore the innocence, the love, the peace I experience by being in a learning space.” The intrinsic joy derived from the learning atmosphere keeps her enthusiasm alive and vibrant.


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Tutopiya’s Impact: A Win-All Situation


Pooja credits Tutopiya for contributing significantly to her teaching journey. The “zero politics work environment,” constant support from the back-end team, and the time spent at Tutopiya have made her more focused each day. For Pooja, it’s a “win-all situation,” highlighting the positive impact Tutopiya has had on her professional growth.


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Beyond the Classroom: Pooja’s Joyful Pursuits


In her free time, Pooja finds joy in simple pleasures—sleeping, lazing around, and cleaning her surroundings. These activities serve as a source of relaxation and rejuvenation, providing balance to her dynamic teaching role.


The Academic Artisan: Pooja’s Super-Teacher Title


As we conclude our journey into Pooja’s world, she playfully reveals her chosen Super-Teacher Title: Academic Artisan. This title perfectly encapsulates the craftsmanship, dedication, and artistry involved in the teaching profession—a fitting descriptor for Pooja Thacker, a true artisan in the world of academia.


In Pooja’s story, Tutopiya emerges not just as an educational platform but as a transformative force, shaping educators like Pooja who, in turn, shape the future. Pooja’s journey is a testament to the power of a positive work environment, dedication to students, and the joy derived from the art of teaching.

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