Rumaylah Ghouse: The Tutopiya Teacher Who’s Inspiring Us All to Learn

Rumaylah Ghouse The Tutopiya Teacher Who's Inspiring Us All to Learn

Some people change the world. And some people change the people that change the world. And that’s YOU! A teacher!”

Rumaylah Ghouse, Educator at Tutopiya


How Rumaylah Ghouse is Inspiring Minds at Tutopiya


In the world of education, teachers are often considered the unsung heroes, tirelessly working to shape the future of their students. Rumaylah Ghouse, a passionate educator, is one such hero who has dedicated her life to teaching and has found a remarkable platform to do so – Tutopiya. We had the privilege to learn about Rumaylah’s journey, her dedication to teaching, and how Tutopiya has enriched her educational experience.


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The Journey Begins


Rumaylah currently wears multiple hats at her school. She serves as the Sectional Head for the Senior Section, the Head of the Science Department, and a Teacher of Science at an International School. Her path to becoming an educator was guided by a deep-seated passion for teaching. As she puts it, “I believe that teachers are born and not made. I have a passion for teaching and would like to inculcate a positive impact on children’s lives.”


Inspiration and Adaptation


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The world was thrown into a frenzy when the pandemic struck, and the education system had to adapt quickly to the virtual realm. Rumaylah, like many other teachers, found herself facing the challenges of online teaching. However, her dedication and resilience prevailed. She recalls, “Online teaching was not an easy task at first, but as all of us teachers had to transition during the lockdown, it took us not more than 48 hours to master it.”

It was during this transition that she discovered Tutopiya, an online learning and teaching platform that quickly captured her heart. She explains, “Tutopiya was the best learning and teaching online platform that I came across, and there was no turning back. The rest is history.”


Transforming Lives, One Student at a Time


Rumaylah’s dedication to teaching is evident in her commitment to nurturing her students’ growth. She believes in making learning engaging and memorable. She states, “I know that children only remember what interests them and not all that we want them to remember. Therefore, I teach in a manner that interests them to want to remember.”

But it’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s also about inspiring and motivating students. Rumaylah emphasizes the importance of guidance, motivation, and constructive criticism in building students’ self-confidence. She encourages her students to do their best, emphasizing that success is not measured solely by grades. “A C/D grade is fine, seriously it is as long as it was the best that they could do. Inspire them to leave no room for regrets,” she says.


Qualities of an Effective Teacher


Throughout her journey, Rumaylah has honed her teaching skills and developed qualities that make her an effective educator. Planning and preparation are at the top of her list, and she believes that each student is unique and requires tailored support. She stresses the importance of staying up-to-date and adaptable, and she emphasizes focus and strong work ethics as keys to unlocking success.


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A Never-Ending Passion

When asked how she maintains her passion and motivation year after year, Rumaylah shares a powerful belief: “A teacher’s value does not decrease just because someone doesn’t know to see their worth.” She recognizes that the right environment can truly value and nurture teachers, sustaining their enthusiasm.


The Tutopiya Impact


Tutopiya has played a significant role in enriching Rumaylah’s teaching journey. The platform’s flexibility has allowed her to access resources and teach at her convenience, bridging the gap between her full-time job and her passion for teaching. The standardized coursework provided by Tutopiya simplifies her work, allowing her to focus on delivering practical experiences in the classroom rather than worrying about lesson plans.

Moreover, the platform boasts a dedicated team ready to support and assist, ensuring a prompt and accurate experience. This invaluable support system has undoubtedly made her teaching experience all the more enriching.


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Beyond the Classroom


In her precious free time, Rumaylah enjoys quality moments with friends and family. She believes that family and friends, the ones we choose for ourselves, are a cherished luxury. Her hobbies include painting, especially oil painting on canvas, which provides her with relaxation and an outlet for creative expression.

Rumaylah Ghouse’s dedication to teaching and her journey at Tutopiya is a testament to the unwavering passion that many educators bring to their classrooms. Her story reminds us of the incredible impact teachers can have on the lives of their students and how the right platform can amplify their abilities and reach.

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