10 reasons to invest in remote learning

remote learning

Remote learning is when both the learner and educator are not physically present or next to each other, but connected with the help of technology. Technology for remote learning comes in the form of online video conferencing, discussion boards, or online assessments all with the similarity of being delivered online. Is remote learning taking over traditional classroom learning? Here are 10 benefits of remote learning that you may not know about! 


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10 Benefits of Remote Learning 


remote learning

Flexible schedule and timetable, Convenience 

Remote learning promotes time management skills and offers students the opportunity to plan their day to detail. Since remote learning takes only a few minutes to set up, students save time on traveling to their tuition centers and all they need to do is to be connected to the internet and have a conducive environment to begin their lesson. Additionally, remote learning brings along the benefit of easy scheduling of lessons. Students can book tutors’ slots easily since all they really need is a quiet place and a strong internet connection. The convenience brought by remote learning gives students the opportunity to devote time to other commitments and make full use of their hours. 


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Individualized learning 

With remote learning, students get to have access to individualized and self-paced learning. In a remote learning setting, students receive undivided attention from their tutors and have an hour or two to go through chapters at their own pace and raise any doubts and questions along the way. This individualized learning is not realizable in a traditional classroom setting, where it is a 1 teacher to 30 students ratio. 

Therefore, with remote learning, you get to have a personal tutor who understands your learning needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, students get a more personalized learning experience where tutors curate learning to fit the student. Having personalized learning also helps to boost students’ overall confidence, build strong fundamentals, and close up any knowledge gaps. 


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Access to quality learning materials  

The internet currently stores more than 64 zettabytes, and a zettabyte is about a trillion gigabytes. There are an endless amount of learning materials available online and it grows more every day. With the demand for higher quality learning materials, more and more certified and specialized educators are curating more quality learning materials for students. For instance, Quiztopiya, a recently launched platform by Tutopiya, is an online question bank specifically designed for students taking the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. It has over 30,000 practice questions for students to work on for their examinations. These questions are designed by experienced IGCSE teachers who understand the guidelines and assessments for the IGCSE exams. It is also regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the content is up to date with the syllabus. These additional resources are great as extra practice to help students solidify their knowledge and prepare for their IGCSE exams. 


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New opportunities for special needs students 

Learning and education for special needs students have never been easy, parents have to look for schools, change schools and locate somewhere which offers education for special needs children. However, now with remote learning, our special needs friends can have better access to education. Parents no longer have to relocate or drive for long to send their children to school. They also get to attend remote learning classes with their children and guide them along in areas they need help. This opens new doors for special needs children and provides them with a safe environment to learn and grow. 



Cultivate responsibility and discipline 

Remote learning cultivates responsibility and discipline in students. Without the need to physically travel to a class, students can fall into the trap of procrastination and cancel lessons because it is “easy” to do so. Additionally, remote learning also means your tutor will not be beside you during class, in other words, nobody to supervise you. This can lead students to be easily distracted during class and use their laptops to surf the web or use their phones during class. All these distractions can be curbed if students have the discipline to stay focused during the 1 to 2 hour of lesson and keep all distractions away. In the long run, students will not only exhibit discipline in class but also cause this to have a positive ripple through their life. 


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Access to more experienced tutors and quality education 

Previously when only physical tuition was the only form of extra lessons, students usually stay stuck with one tutor for multiple subjects. This could be due to the fact that hiring more than one tutor is expensive, or that having multiple tutors means having to travel to different places for lessons. Either way, it is not a conventional thing to do. However, with remote learning, since lessons are done in the comfort of students’ environment, they can have a different tutor for different subjects! Students now do not have to compromise with one tutor teaching multiple subjects but choose to have an expert tutor for every subject. 


remote learning

Interactive and intuitive learning platforms 

As compared to the traditional whiteboard that teachers use to teach, remote learning provides an interactive and intuitive learning platform for students and teachers. Teachers can easily illustrate with diagrams on platforms to show in precision the concepts they are teaching. For instance, a perfect circle can be drawn easily and easily duplicated. With that, teachers can be precise in explaining the concept of coordinate geometry, allowing students to understand the concept in a clearer manner. All of which contribute to an overall better learning experience for the students. 


remote learning

Building skills for the future 

Now that the world relies heavily on smart technology, being exposed to them at a young age can serve a great cause. For instance, knowing how to use Microsoft Excel or certain software gives students the upper hand in their future careers. Many companies or even research projects use technology heavily to improve efficiency and productivity, hence knowing these key software will impress your future employers. 


remote learning

Lowers social anxiety 

It can be daunting for introverted students to raise their questions and doubts in classes. In addition, there may be students who are uncomfortable public speaking or interacting with their peers. Therefore, if your child happens to exhibit social anxiety traits, remote learning can help to reduce their social anxiety and allow them to break out of their shell slowly. 


remote learning


Several remote learning platforms offer a lower rate for your lessons. For example, Tutopiya is an online learning platform that offers students a quality education for students from different curricula. You simply purchase packages (hours) from Tutopiya and use them as credits to attend classes with your tutors. The more hours you buy, the cheaper the package becomes. This also means that regardless of what subject you are taking, the price is the same. How affordable! Contact our experts to arrange for a free trial session today! 

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