IGCSE Physics Formula Sheet that will come in handy during your exam revision

During your Physics exams, you will not be provided with any formula sheet. Students will be expected to know all the formulas in the syllabus. However, worry not, Tutopiya has the ultimate IGCSE physics formula sheet to help students during their exam revision. 

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IGCSE Physics Formula Sheet – by Tutopiya 

This Formula Sheet is collated and designed by Tutopiya. 


igcse physics formula sheet

Tips when using formula sheet for revision 

1 – Remember the formulas as you go 

Since there is no formula sheet aid provided for your exams, we do not recommend being over-reliant on our Formula Sheet. Instead, make the effort to remember the formulas as you use them in your practices. 


2 – Use this IGCSE Physics formula sheet as a guide 

Instead of referring to it as a formula sheet, you can use it to review all the topics and concepts. Like a summary or mindmap. Use this as a refresher for topics and keep it near you at all times. Since the formula sheet is in bitesize information, you can easily read them in between classes to try to remember the formulas. 


3 – Add your own notes to it 

The formula sheet serves as a guide for students, students can add their own notes to the formula sheet to help them remember better in their own ways! 

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