Productive teenager activities To Do At Home: 10 Activities to Keep Teenager Physically & Mentally Fit

productive teenager activities

Teenagers may find it boring to be at home as there isn’t much to do around the house. Well, they are wrong, there are many productive teenager activities they can enjoy even while being indoors. Parents can also join in these activities with your teenagers! Here are 10 Productive teenager activities to do indoors to stay physically and mentally fit


10 Productive teenager activities to do indoors


1 – Exercising together 

Right off the bat, exercising with your teenager will definitely help to keep them physically and mentally fit. There are many home workout videos on Youtube that they can enjoy. There are endless possibilities when it comes to exercising. You can choose to do a HIIT workout, yoga, pilates or even just a normal stretch to start the day.

Perhaps your child doesn’t enjoy working out, try other activities that will require them to move their bodies such as JustDance! There are many other games that require one to move their bodies. Exercising is not only limited to running and HIIT! 

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2 – Complete online escape rooms

There have been many online games created during the pandemic to help us feel less detached from the world. Online escape rooms have definitely hit it off during the pandemic. What’s great about it is that it works exactly the same except you are seated in your room! 


3 – Learn to cook or bake 

One of the most productive teenager activities you can get them to do is to learn how to cook or bake. For all you know, culinary might just be their hidden talent! 


4 – Learn DIY skills 

Many arts and crafts have come around since the lockdown. We now have many people learning how to thrift flip their clothes, crochet, embroider on their clothing and even start a business with these skills. These skills can help to stimulate your teenager’s mind and help them to explore their creativity. 


5 – Learn a new language or instrument 

Much like learning how to DIY, learning a new language can actually be useful and practical. Start with a language that your teenager is interested in, perhaps they enjoy lots of anime or korean drama. Start with Japanese and Korean then! It will keep them interested for a longer period of time and it is definitely their dream to be able to visit these countries! Learning a language will only bring one endless benefit! 


6 – Paint by numbers

When days get a little overwhelming, sit your child down and have them complete a puzzle or paint by numbers! It is known to be therapeutic and calming. It surely does not require much brain power to do these mundane crafts. Keeping your teenager’s mind healthy is also essential. Hence, enjoying some mundane and easy tasks can actually help to uplift your teenager’s spirits. 


7 – Create own CV or resume

Have your teeanger craft their own portfolio or resume. It can help them to have an overview of what they have accomplished thus far.Additionally, it helps to keep your teenagers’ doors open when they discover they fall short of certain experiences. It can also be a motivating factor to help them pursue bigger projects and say yes to opportunities. 


8 – Family quiz night or board game

Family time is essential when it comes to keeping your teenager fit mentally. Spending time with your loved ones assures one that they are surrounded by the people that care about them. Additionally, having game nights is one way to tighten the family bond and enjoy each other’s company. 


9 – Learn to read the map

Yes, the world is a huge place! Learning how to read the map and identifying the countries may not be tested in your exams, but it is surely a good common knowledge to have. Learning about the world map can lead one to be curious about other countries and their culture. It can broaden your teenager’s general knowledge and be life smart next time! 


10 – Clean the house! 

Having your teenager clean a part of the house or their room is one good way to keep your teenager’s mental health in check. Have them bring out all their things in their room and do a big clean out. They will find things that they kept for many years and trigger many sentimental memories from these. It will also help to clear their workspaces and increase their productivity level. For all you know, they might enjoy doing this once in a while and it can make cleaning for you a lot easier next time! 



All in all, there are plenty of productive teenager activities you can encourage them to do to keep your teenager physically and mentally fit. 


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