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Children born after the 2000s are digital natives, “they are comfortable with technology and computers at an early age and consider technology to be an integral and necessary part of their lives.” This ultimately changes the way children are learning subjects like Math and Science now. Tutopiya will explore why Online Maths Tuition Singapore for today’s generation might reap more benefits than ever before. 


Online tuition has been around for several years now, though many are still sceptical about learning online, online tuition has undoubtedly brought so many advantages for both parents and children. 


How it changes the way students learn Math 

Singapore Mathematics is one of the most regarded mathematics in the world. 

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It may be hard to imagine how we are going to study mathematics online, but did you know that there are many online tools that help aid the learning of mathematics? 

There are tools for 

  • Drawing graphs 
  • Calculating simultaneous equations 
  • Calculating matrices 
  • Solving algebraic equations 

And so many more! Teachers are also slowly incorporating these tools into your child’s mathematics learning. 

With all these, learning mathematics online has become so much easier. Not only are these tools accurate, but they are also easily accessible, convenient and easy to use. 


At Tutopiya, our in-house developed whiteboard feature has all the tools that help students to learn mathematics effectively and proficiently. 


Even though there are effective tools that online math tuition offers, many parents might still feel sceptical about learning online and may have questions like:

Is it expensive?

Can it truly replace or complement face-to-face education?

Will my child or other children be distracted?

These are the most frequently asked questions at Tutopiya. 

Hence, we are going to systematically break down why these questions, while valid, are increasingly unfounded. We’re going to take you through the concept of online tuition, and why it may be good for you.


Online Maths Tuition Singapore 

Simply put, an online tutoring platform is one where students learn from tutors in real-time. 

These platforms can be very different.

At Tutopiya, students and tutors share an in-house digital whiteboard that both can see and use.

Additionally, students also get recordings of every session they attend with their tutors on our platform. 


What is so good about online maths tuition Singapore? 

Little smart schoolgirl with pigtails using laptop at desk leaning on hand and thinking over assignment



The flexibility of location means the student can continue to learn regardless of where their schedules require them to be, as long as they have an Internet connection.

Students can “meet” their tutor anywhere as long as the student has a computer or a tablet equipped with an Internet connection.



Online tutors can assist students restrained by an illness in keeping up with their classmates.

When they finally get to return to school, they aren’t behind.

Students can have the support of their regularly scheduled tutoring sessions anywhere they end up.

Students meet with the same tutor on a regular basis, just like traditional tutoring methods.

Your child may feel more comfortable and learn more effectively with a single new authority figure.

Mathematics requires time and sufficient practice – online math tuition Singapore offers flexibility which helps aid students in building their mathematical skills. 

Scheduling mathematics frequently can help your child to keep 


Learning maths concepts accurately 

Mathematics is all about precision and a good foundational understanding of the concepts. 

Online mathematics tools are programmed to be accurate and generate 0 mistakes. These tools are also extremely reliable in terms of accuracy and precision. They are able to provide longer decimal points leaving no room for error. 



Drawing graphs using online tools also helps students to better visualize the correct graph as compared to a human drawing it. 

We all know that plotting a graph for our GCE O and A Level maths exams is not the easiest. However, online tools help students to visualise the right graph corresponding to the algebraic equation – which helps them greatly in understanding the topic well. 



Not to mention the resources that the internet can provide our students. The internet has unlimited math resources for our students – ranging from summary notes to past year papers! These resources are easily accessible and easy to find. 


Individualised attention from your math tutor 

Learning 1-1 reap benefits that traditional classroom settings cannot offer. Having a personal online math tutor for your child allows your child to receive all the tutor’s attention. This is beneficial as their math tutor will be able to focus on your child’s learning. They will be able to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and close up any knowledge gaps when they spot any. 

Mathematics is a subject that builds on previous topics learnt, therefore it is of great importance that your child has a solid foundation in mathematics during their early years so they do not fall behind when they advance their studies. 


Face to Face Tuition VS Online Tuition


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