Cambridge IGCSE: Benefits, Subjects, Grading Scheme, and Tips

Cambridge IGCSE – 14-16 Year Olds International Qualification


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE, is becoming more and more well-known as an internationally accepted credential. We’ll examine the specifics of IGCSE in this extensive guide, highlighting its importance, composition, and global educational advantages.


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What is IGCSE? 


It stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE is for teenagers aged from 14 to 16, it’s the most well-liked international qualification in the world. It offers students more possibilities than another international qualification in addition to being really international. This translates into a wider variety of courses, learning opportunities, and success strategies.

It is a widely respected organization with an international reputation that provides top-notch education.


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IGCSE Subject choices


IGCSE has five topic areas, each of which offers a variety of courses to choose from:

Group 1: Languages (primary, secondary, foreign, etc.) make up Group 1.

Group  2: Social Sciences and Humanities (Geography, History, English Literature, etc.)

Group  3: Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)

Group  4: Mathematics (including supplementary mathematics and Additional mathematics)

Group  5: Vocational, Technical, and Creative (music, business studies, accounting, computer studies, etc.)








Coordinated Science


Business Studies

English Language 

English Literature 

Additional Mathematics

Computer Science


IGCSE Grading Scheme


Over eight million students worldwide sign up for the Cambridge curriculum each year. Worldwide, Cambridge IGCSE students receive grades ranging from A* to G. International universities accept this grading scheme.


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Grade Range of Percentage Uniform Mark
A* 90-100
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
D 50-59
E 40-49
F 30-39
G 20-29


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Benefits of Pursuing IGCSE


IGCSE provides language programmes that promote bilingualism, which is advantageous in today’s interconnected society. Gaining proficiency in another language can improve students’ cross-cultural awareness and increase their employability.

Additionally linked to improved academic achievement and cognitive abilities, bilingual education is a wise investment in children’s future success.


Wide Selection of courses: IGCSE provides more than 70 courses in a number of academic fields, such as the humanities, sciences, and languages. Students can now investigate their passions and areas of interest. The fact that students can select courses that align with their interests and skills further makes the IGCSE an extremely flexible educational programme.

Internationally Acknowledged Qualification: IGCSE is a highly esteemed qualification that is acknowledged on a worldwide scale by both companies and academic institutions. With the program’s recognition by colleges and companies in more than 160 nations, students will have an advantage in the current global employment market. 


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What differentiates IGCSE Core from IGCSE Extended?


In certain topics, there is an option among Core and Extended curricula papers to cater for varying abilities.

The vast majority of kids are able to complete the Core curriculum. It is designed for students who are anticipated to receive grades C through G and offers a thorough introduction to the topic.

The more intellectually gifted are the target audience for the Extended curriculum. It is intended for students who should receive grades A* through E.


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Recognition of the IGCSE Qualification 


Governments, corporations, and academic institutions throughout the world all recognise the International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Its reputation for quality and the extraordinarily high standards it upholds are attested to by the fact that IGCSE certificates are accepted around the world. Important information about the recognition of IGCSE certificates is as follows:


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Acceptance to the University: IGCSE credentials are recognised and accepted by many colleges throughout the world for entrance. It is important for students to verify the admission standards of various universities, as some may have particular requirements related to subjects and grades.


Employer Appreciation: Employers throughout the world frequently view IGCSE credentials as a sign of a well-rounded, internationally-focused education. The information and abilities gained by the IGCSE are applicable and adaptable in a variety of professional contexts.


Acknowledgement by the Government: IGCSE is accepted as a legitimate secondary education credential by several nations and national education agencies. In order to ensure equivalence or recognition, it is necessary to consult with local education authorities, since certain nations may have particular protocols.


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Top Tips for Excelling in IGCSE Exams


Make a Study Schedule: Construct a reasonable study schedule that gives each topic enough time. Make difficult or complex issues your top priorities.


Establish Specific Objectives: Set quantifiable, precise objectives for every study session. Divide up the tasks in your study plan so that you can do them more easily.


Practice with prior papers: Use prior papers to acquaint yourself with the structure of the test. Examine your performance, pinpoint your areas of weakness, and make improvements.


Active Learning Strategies: Use strategies for active learning including summarizing, imparting knowledge to others, or making flashcards.Make use of brain diagrams and maps to help you visualize difficult ideas.


Apply Revision Methods:Use revising techniques that work, such as spaced repetition.Regularly review and compile knowledge to strengthen your grasp.


Time Management Done Right:Use time management techniques when you study and take tests.Set aside particular amounts of time for each topic and job.


The curriculum for the Cambridge IGCSE has the following strengths:


It is interesting and flexible, encouraging inquiry, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

An extensive selection of topics.

Numerous learning and instructional resources.

Written, oral, listening, and coursework assessments are conducted.

Acknowledged by top colleges and businesses globally.


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