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We are all aware now that IB Chinese ab initio is taken by students that have little or no experience in the language itself. This means that students will be learning Chinese from scratch and building a strong foundation is important. Tutopiya will share with our students some useful resources that can help you do well for the paper.

Grade boundaries

Marks Obtained Grade
0-13 1
14-26 2
27-41 3
42-58 4
59-73 5
74-85 6
86-100 7


Quizlet is an application that works like a flashcard, but digital. Students will know by now the usefulness of flashcards when it comes to memorising definition or learning a specific word or phrase.

Here are some quizlet for you

IB Chinese ab initio





These flashcards can help you understand specific words and their definition. It has the audio/ voice ability to help you get the pronunciation right for the word.

Formats for reference

ib-chinese-ab-initio ib-chinese-ab-initio


Tips for IB Chinese AB Initio Paper

Plan ahead

First, pick out one of the five core topics that you want to write on in your mock or final exam. If you intend to choose Leisure – 休闲 as your topic, proceed to make a list of the keywords and key phrases that surrounds the topic.

Some idioms, phrases and words related to 休闲 – 舒缓压力 -身心平衡 -锻炼身体

Useful phrases to incorporate into your examinations – 各种各样 - 五颜六色 - 丰富多彩 - 不可思议 - 一举多得


Practice them by constantly applying the keywords and key phrases in writing rehearsals. Have those keywords and useful phrases be locked in your head.

You can invite your friend to test you on your vocabulary knowledge, vice versa and keep each other on track before your mock or final examination comes.



Memorize important particles to write effective examination texts such as 首先, 总之, 一定. These connectors can enhance your written texts and keep your texts in a logical flow.

Here’s an infographic of the summarized tips




If you find it hard to cope with the syllabus or simply not having enough guidance and resources to do well for IB Chinese AB Initio, then look for a tutor! Online or face-to-face tutor can greatly help you bridge any knowledge gaps and give you the relevant guidance and tips. 

Similarly, you can visit Tutopiya’s blog for other IB Chinese resources, try Study Resources and Guide for IB Chinese SL.


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