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Looking for resources for IB Chinese B SL? But there’s so limited resources on the web? Fret not, Tutopiya has collated a few resources that can help enhance and improve your Chinese subject.

Keep reading to find out how you can improve on your Chinese essay writing.


Flashcards are student’s best friends when it comes to remembering the meaning of certain words. Be it e-flashcards or handwritten flashcards, they are always handy to have. They are small in size, portable as well as detailed, it is also easy to read them on the go.


Tutopiya has found some Quizlet on IB Chinese B SL words. These Quizlets are interactive and helpful such that they pronounce the words if you are unsure. So, to all students that are foreign to Chinese, they are going to be so handy for you!


IB Chinese B SL on Quizlet

IB Chinese B SL 

Quizlet on IB Chinese B SL

IB Chinese B SL – Conjunctions

Quizlet on Conjunctions


Tips on how to improve Chinese Essay Writing

Talk about your Essay

Essay writing is one of the most dreadful things to do for a language paper. Try thinking out loud! Instead of literally writing the essay out, try to say or explain your essay verbally. This trains you to work through the process of structuring the short in a short time limit. This is extremely useful in examination conditions.

With this practice, you will develop the habit to spend the first few minutes coming up with a plan before writing it all down.

Be up-to-date with trending words

Reading the news is very important for this to be executed. Knowing the Chinese characters to words like ‘Dengue fever’ or ‘Donald Trump’. You just never know when you will need these words in your essay!

Keep some handy catchphrases

These catchphrases also known as 成语 in Chinese. These idioms are easy to remember and add vocabulary marks effortlessly.

Here’s a list of some handy catchphrases








Some introduction and conclusion as well:

回忆开头法 在我生活的长河里,经历了不少事情,它们像夜空中的繁星一般多,其中有一件事让我万分羞愧,至今难忘。
人物开头法 小文是出了名的捣蛋鬼,胆子特别大,满肚子的坏主意。可自从发生了一件事后,他有了一百八十度的转变。
点题开头法 如果你问我谁是我们班上最调皮捣蛋的同学,我会毫不犹豫地告诉你,那就是小文。
天气开头法 今天天气晴朗,几缕白云在蓝天中慢慢地飘荡,微风轻轻地吹拂,让人心情格外舒畅。


教训 俗话说:“亡羊补牢,为时未晚”,小强经过这个教训,下定决心,改过自新,再也不要被这个坏习惯拖累了。
抒情 动物园真是一个好玩的地方,我真想再来玩一次!
称赞 看着小明远去的背影,我暗暗赞叹:有这样的朋友,真好!


Make sure key points are included

Always remember to address the 5W1H – Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. This will make your essay thorough and developed.

Paper 1 Questions for use – 2018 

Text booklet passage 1

Question booklet passage 1



Text booklet passage 4

Question booklet passage 4

Paper 2 Questions for use – 2018 


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