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Victoria Junior College is one of the prestigious colleges in Singapore with the requirement of 7 for your GCE O Levels to enroll. They are most well known for their vibrant school culture and strong college spirit and camaraderie. Victoria Junior College is located at Marine Vista, East-West of Singapore. You can also find out more about VJC over at their vjc portal. 


vjc portal

GCE A-Levels at VJC

A-Level subjects are offered to students on three different levels and they are, namely, Higher 1, Higher 2, and Higher 3. Students are required to take a minimum of 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects in addition to General Paper, Mother Language Language, and Project Work. This will amount to 10 academic units. The maximum number of academic units a student can take is 12. 

Content-based subjects must be contrasting subjects. This means that this subject is a contrasting subject from the student’s area of specialization. There are 2 main specializations in Junior Colleges and they are Science and Arts. 

This would mean that a Science student will have to take a contrasting subject in Humanities or Arts. Vice versa for an Art student, they will have to take a contrasting subject in Science. 

This is what the allocated academic units look like with reference to the level of the subject: 


H1 1 academic unit
H2 2 academic units
H3 3 academic units

General Paper, Mother Tongue language, and Project work each has 1 academic unit. 

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Mother Tongue Language in GCE A-Levels

Students are allowed to be exempted from Mother Tongue Language if and only if they have obtained a D7 or better in the GCE O Level Higher Mother Tongue Language. Otherwise, all students will be required to take Mother Tongue Language.


University Admission Scoring System for GCE A Levels 

The maximum number of points an A-Level student can achieve is 90. This is also commonly referred to as their rank points.

The UAS is calculated as follows: General Paper + Project Work + 3 H2 + 1 H1. 


This is how the A-Level points are scored with respect to their grades and level. 


H1 or H2 Grades A-Level Points
H2 H1
Pass Grades A 20 10
B 17.5 8.75
C 15 7.5
D 12.5 6.25
E 10 5
Sub-pass S 5 2.5
Ungraded U 0 0



Subject Combination in VJC 

Here is a brief list of all the subjects VJC offers in their school. For more information, you can also visit the vjc portal to find out more. 


Area of Study Subject H1 H2
Knowledge and Skills General Paper  *
Project Work *
Languages Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil)  *
Chinese Language and Literature *
Tamil Language and Literature  *
French * *
German * *
Japanese * *
Spanish *
Sciences Biology * *
Chemistry * *
Physics * *
Computing *
Mathematics Mathematics * *
Further Mathematics *
Humanities and the Arts Art *
Economics * *
Geography * *
History *
English Literature * *
Theater Studies and Drama *
China Studies in English *


VJC also offers a variety of H3 subjects and programs for their students. The H3 curriculum is designed for students who are able to perform exceptionally well in their current H2 subjects and cope with the workload to pursue at a higher level. 


Applications for H3 subjects typically start after the Promotional examination and lessons for H3 subjects will begin in JC2. Here is a list of subjects that VJC offers at the H3 level:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English literature
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics


And their pre-requisite subjects are H2 in corresponding subjects. 


vjc portal

Outside of the curriculum in VJC

Co-curricular activities are not compulsory in VJC, but students are strongly encouraged to take up at least one to have a good balance between academic and non-academic activities. You can also find out more about the CCAs they offer over at their vjc portal. 


VJC school fees 

For Singaporean students, the annual school fees amount to approximately $33. Whereas for Permanent Residents, the annual school fees amount to around $487. Lastly, International ASEAN students have to pay $1067 and non-ASEAN will have to pay approximately $1827. 


Scholarships and awards 

VJC also allow students to apply for scholarships that can help enhance their learning journey in the school. Scholarships are great for students to pay off their school fees and cover their expenses. You can find out more about their scholarships at the vjc portal. 


In a nutshell, VJC aims to develop its students who are committed to all-around excellence yet deeply anchored in values and guided by integrity. The school also hopes to inspire students to become active contributors to the college and community. 


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