O Level Chemistry Tuition: The Ultimate Guide to Free Notes, Free Exam Papers Online

As Singaporeans, we love free things. Whether it is standing in line for Starbucks 1-for-1 deals or getting the best promo codes for our Grab rides, we truly enjoy getting the bang for our buck. 

There are many notes available for ‘O’ Level Chemistry online –what we find however, is that the content is either incomplete or not suited to your learning goals. Here are some of the best O Level Chemistry notes, with brief descriptions on what sets them apart from other notes to help you choose.

Do you want to get quick notes to refer for homework help? Or would you need in-depth notes for last-minute exam revision? Or do you just need supplementary material, if you’re a secondary school student that wants to stretch their mind? We’ve structured the available resources according to your resource needs.

Homework Help: Best Resources

Pro Tip 1: Online videos can actually help you visualise your learning.  For example, a reaction between Lead (II) Nitrate ions and Potassium Iodide creates a yellow insoluble precipitate visualised above. (Helps for Identification of Ions and Gases)

Mini Chemistry

Mini Chemistry provides detailed notes for each topic in Pure Chemistry, along with a few practice questions for each topic so you can test your understanding along the way!

Secondary School Chemistry

Secondary School Chemistry has topical notes for your reference, as well as bonus strategies on Qualitative Analysis, manipulating formulae and a mind map for Organic Chemistry.

Swipe Tuition Summary

Swipe Tuition provides an excellent summary of all topics, which is especially useful if you need a quick revision the night before your paper.

O&A Level Notes 

O&A Level Notes uploads topical notes in PDF format for easy accessibility. You can download these notes and read them on the go!

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