Is your IGCSE Tutor good enough? Take this quiz to find out!

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Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘Is My IGCSE Tutor Good Enough’? for me to get the results I want?

If you have not asked this question to yourself before or even thought about it then now is the time.

The partnership and communication between an IGCSE tutor and his or her students is very important.

IGCSE exams are 2 years’ worth of hard work, dedication and learning.

It is the foundation of the upcoming educational milestones that the students will encounter.

Parents and students put in a lot of energy and effort to decide how to succeed and make the best of the IGCSE exams.

Therefore it is vital that your IGCSE tutor adds motivation, guidance, expertise and past paper practice to this 2-year long journey.

If your tutor does not help you improve then it is time you thought about alternatives that provide better IGCSE tuition.

Here are a few quick but important questions that you can answer and instantly find out if your IGCSE tutor is your strength or your weakness.

However, this does not mean that the student does not have to do anything.

Achieving top grades for IGCSE requires the student to work with just as much as dedication and will.

Take this fun and easy quiz that will answer the question of “Is Your IGCSE Tutor Good Enough for You”?

igcse tutor



Grab a pencil and a piece of paper

Firstly, after every question there a few options as answers please pick the answer you feel describes your tutor best.

When you are done with your 10 questions, simply allocate the points in the Answer Points Key to your answers

Lastly, check the score category under which your IGCSE tutor falls into after you find your total using the Results Key.



1. Is your tutor an experienced IGCSE tutor in teaching the IGCSE subjects?

a. “Yes”!
b. “I think so, but all my friends go to him/her”
c. “No”

2. How often do you get feedback from your tutor on subjects?

a. “Very Often”
b. “Not very often”
c. “None at all”

3. How important is IGCSE past paper practice and revision to your tutor?

a. “Very important, we practice past paper questions after every topic”.
b. “We are focusing on covering the syllabus and are leaving the past paper practice to later”.
c. “What is past paper practice”?

4. How many times a week does your tutor have IGCSE tuition lessons?

a. ‘2 times a week depending on the time till exams and my standard’
b. “Once a week the tutor said I can manage the rest on my own”
c. “None at all, my tutor says he has to cancel last minute”

5. Does your IGCSE tutor assess you regularly, to identify your weakness and knowledge gaps and plan your lessons?

a. “Yes, in every lesson we work on how I can use my strengths to improve”.
b. “Sometimes”
c. “It’s all about how weak and useless I am because I cannot remember certain things”

6. How thorough is your tutor with the recent changes and updates in the IGCSE subject syllabuses?

a. “Very, I was told there were some changes in the new specimen paper for 2020 and the marks scheme”.
b. “Occasionally I am told about certain changes”.
c. “No, I didn’t know the paper format could change like that”.

7. Does your tutor understand that sometimes you may need more time to understand a topic?

a. “Yes, I can ask him/her to explain again and he/she won’t mind”
b. “Sometimes”
c. “I am scared to ask”

8. Does your tutor motivate you to achieve your full potential without just pressurizing you to achieve high grades?

a. “Yes all the time, I am always asked to give my best shot”.
b. “Not so much but sometimes competition is important to him/her”.
c. “No, I feel anxious when I go to my tutor after an exam!”

9. Does your tutor make you enjoy learning and help you develop a passion for the IGCSE subject?

a. “Yes, always.”
b. “Sometimes”
c. “The lessons are always so boring”

10. Does your tutor share any IGCSE tips and techniques to help you?

a. “Always”
b. “Not Very Often”
c. “Never”


igcse tutor

Answer Points Key

Question 1
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 2
a. 3 points
b. 1 point
c. 0 point

Question 3
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 4
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 5
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point
Question 6
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 7
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 8
a. 3 points
b. 1 point
c. 0 points

Question 9
a. 3 points
b. 2 points
c. 0 point

Question 10
a. 3 points
b. 1 point
c. 0 point

How to use the IB PYP Language Scope and Sequence

Total Points Results To Find Out If Your IGCSE Tutor is Good Enough!

1. Your IGCSE Tutor Has Got It In Control!! – 30 – 26  points
2. Your Tutor Could Be Better- 25 – 18 points
3. Change Immediately!- > 18 points


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