IGCSE Singapore Private Candidate: Here’s What You Need To Know! 

igcse singapore private candiate

This article will break down all of the things you need to know about being an IGCSE Singapore private candidate. The 10 must know and important points you will need to be knowledgeable about before registering and sitting the exams as a private candidate. 


10 Must-Know as an IGCSE Singapore Private Candidate 


igcse singapore private candiate



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1 – Examination schedule 

Before you head on over to find out more about how to register to be an IGCSE Singapore private candidate, you will need to know the examination schedule. 

There are two assessment periods for IGCSE private candidates in Singapore, mainly the May/June and October/November series. 


Registration for examinations typically closes 2 months prior to the start of the examination. Hence, you should keep in mind to register for your exams at least 3 to 4 months before the examination period for IGCSE comes around. This way, you will have sufficient time to get any documents sorted out beforehand. 


Knowing the examination schedule also gives you the leverage to plan out your study sessions and revision. This way, you will be able to complete all your needed revision before the examination and be prepared for it. 


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2 – Registration 

Private candidates can register themselves over at the British Council website of Singapore. You will need to submit a colored passport size photograph, taken within the past three months, a clear photocopy of your valid ID card or passport. You will need to submit the completed form and supporting documents to Napier Road Center either in person or by post. 

After registration, you will receive your statement of entry and information about your examination venues approximately three weeks before your examination via email. 

Hence, be sure to check your email to not miss out on the important information. 


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3 – Assessment overview

As private candidates, nobody will tell or guide you about the examination assessment and other important exam information. Hence, learners will have to take into their accord to learn about the assessment criteria and be aware of what they will need to fulfill for each subject. 


However, if you had an experienced teacher or tutor to guide you along, things can be made easier for you. Hence, private candidates can be equivalent to being homeschooled. 


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4 – Subjects offered

Many subjects are offered by the Cambridge International Assessment board, however, the availability of subjects may be dependent on the resources available. Subjects like sciences will require a laboratory as there is an assessment portion on practicals. One advantage of studying IGCSE as a private candidate is that you are given more subjects than if you took the local GCE O Level examinations.


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5 – Practical exams

For practical exams, you will be assigned an examination venue for it. However, for practicing prior to exams, learners will need to practice on their own with their own materials and resources. A tip for candidates would be to watch online practical videos and work through the practicals yourself. Due to many discrepancies, a practical exam can have, candidates can struggle when performing practicals alone. Hence, it is ideal to have an experienced tutor who can guide and teach candidates with these practice exams. 


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6 – Places to get resources for IGCSE Singapore Private Candidate

As a private candidate or not, you will need good resources such as notes and assessment books to enhance your learning whether you are getting homeschooled for IGCSE. We also have collated a list of bookstores for students taking the IGCSE or IB curriculum here.


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igcse singapore private candidate 

7 – The path after IGCSE in Singapore 

The IGCSE is equivalent to the GCE O Levels in Singapore hence, learners are able to consider the same paths offered to a Singaporean student with a GCE O Level certificate. The only difference is that the GCE O Level Singapore is graded differently from the IGCSE. Entry requirements will differ accordingly. IGCSE students are able to choose to continue to sit as a private candidate for A/AS Level Cambridge or enroll in a Polytechnic Institute in Singapore. 



igcse singapore private candidate 

8 – Benefits of being an IGCSE Singapore Private Candidate 

Some benefits of being an IGCSE Singapore Private Candidate include freedom to study, entry to renowned schools in Singapore, and being able to fit your lifestyle around the self-study schedule. 



igcse singapore private candidate 

9 – Schools that offer the IGCSE curriculum 

Alternatively, there are international schools in Singapore that offer the IGCSE curriculum to local and international students. We have a full list of all the IGCSE schools in Singapore over at our blog. You can consider some of the schools on the list if you are interested in enrolling in the curriculum as a student.


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igcse singapore private candidate 

10 – Best places to get tuition for IGCSE in Singapore 

Tutopiya! Tutopiya is a live online tuition platform that offers students from all around the world a place to learn with ease. We offer online tuition for different curriculums such as the Local Singapore Curriculum (MOE) and other international curriculums such as IB and IGCSE. (We also have others!). 

Our tutors have been screened, vetted, and trained to deliver efficient learning experiences for our students. You may think that studying the IGCSE curriculum in Singapore is difficult to keep up with due to the lack of IGCSE tutors in Singapore. However, Tutopiya has trained IGCSE tutors from other countries that are skillful in the curriculum with their years of experience. New students are offered a free trial, fret not, there are no hidden costs! Simply contact us to arrange for a free trial and details will be sent to you in a swift! 

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