IGCSE Homeschooling Online in Singapore: All You Need to Know

igcse homeschooling online

Follow homeschooling lessons and sit for your IGCSE Singapore


In Singapore, it is compulsory for all Singaporean children to attend six years of primary school before they turn 15. 


However, it is free will for children to change their education path after the completion of their six years in primary school. 


In other words, students do not necessarily have to sit for the GCE N or O Levels after their PSLE. 


With the increased competition and academic stress for students in Singapore, many parents might be concerned that their children will be mentally stressed out in the local curriculum. 


They can apply to sit for international curricula such as the IGCSE.


The IGCSE curriculum is developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. It is comparable to the GCE O Levels and A Levels here in Singapore. 


With options like these, both you and your child will be able to open doors to new opportunities that both you and your child have never considered before. 


You might be concerned about entry to local universities after taking international curriculums. 


However, do not worry! Our local universities also accept international qualifications such as the IGCSE. 


You can always visit the universities webpages to find out about their entry requirements for students holding international qualifications. 


About the IGCSE Curriculum 

The IGCSE curriculum is similar to the GCE O-Level in Singapore, except it is less tedious and easier. 


Tutopiya has a detailed IGCSE guide for our students and parents to read more about! 

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How do I register my child sit for IGCSE? 

1 – Attending School

After PSLE, your child can apply for a hybrid or international school that offers international curricula such the as the IGCSE curriculum. 


There are currently 31 schools in Singapore that offers the IGCSE curriculum. 

School Location
Anglo-Chinese School (International) Holland Village
Ascensia International School Tanglin
Australian International School (AIS) Serangoon
Dover Court Queenstown
DPS International School, Singapore Serangoon 
Dulwich College (Singapore) Jurong
EtonHouse Broadrick Marine Parade
EtonHouse International School (Orchard) Holland Village
Furen International School Woodlands
GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Yishun/Sembawang
GIIS SMART Campus Serangoon
Global Indian International School (East Coast)  Bedok
Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) Bukit Timah 
Insworld Institute Kallang 
International French School Serangoon
Invictus International School (Centrium) Rocher 
Middleton International School (Tampines) Tampines
Nexus International School (Singapore) Toa Payoh
North London Collegiate School (Singapore) Queenstown
NPS Internaitonal School  Bedok
One World International School Jurong
Overseas Family School Tampines/ Pasir Ris
SIM International Academy  Bukit Timah
Sir Manasseh Meyer International School Yishun & Sembawang
SSTC International Academy Rocher
St Francis Methodist School Bukit Panjang
St. Joseph’s Institution International  Toa Payoh
Tanglin Trust School Queenstown 
The Winstedt School Kallang
UWC South East Asia (Dover Campus) Queenstown
UWC South East Asia (East Campus Tampines and Pasir Ris

2 – Taking It As A Private Candidate

Otherwise, your child can sit for these international curricula as private candidates. 


Edexcel and IGCSE can be done completely privately without attending any school.


How does being a private candidate work? 

Parents simply have to register their child for the examination, then wait for instructions as the date of examination approaches. 


To register for the IGCSE examination, visit this link


You will find out where your child will head to, to sit for their exams. 


Being a private candidate will mean homeschooling your child. You can choose to either homeschool your child by yourself or hire a private tutor to teach your child. 


You might be new to the idea of homeschooling your child in Singapore but here are some advantages that homeschooling your child can bring! 

Pros of IGCSE Homeschooling Online 

igcse homeschooling online

1 – Cheaper

Homeschooling your child will help you to save up extra money for your child’s university in the future. 


International schools that offer international curricula can be expensive, therefore, doing IGCSE homeschooling online can be a cheaper option. 


2 – Duration of Study 

Doing IGCSE Homeschooling online will allow you to personalise a study plan that suits your child perfectly. 


Your child will not have to sit through topics and concepts they already know if they are homeschooled. 


Time spent going through topics they already know can be spent on closing up any knowledge gaps if any or cultivate a stronger foundation for certain topics and concepts. 


This will allow your child to maximise their learning ability and they can now learn more effectively. 


With the ability to alter and curate the learning journey for your child, it means that your child can take exams at their own pace as a private candidate. 


This would ultimately mean that they can finish exams much sooner and enter university at a younger age as compared to their peers. 


The IGCSE and A level exams can be taken at your child’s pace as the sittings are flexible and held twice a year in May/June and Oct/ Nov. 


Your child will also be able to choose which subjects they are going to sit for during the examination period. 


For practical exams for Science, Edexcel Pearson Examination Board allows for students to do a written practical in place of a practical exam.


Tutopiya conducts assessments for our students to find out their specific strengths and weaknesses for a particular subject. 


With this insight, Tutopiya will curate a tuition plan that is best suited for your child. 


Talk to one of our experts to find out more! 


3 – Different Opportunities

Since homeschooling your child is highly personalised, the learning experience can be made different and interesting. 


No more traditional learning styles! 

IGCSE homeschooling online can 

Things to Note before Registration


1 – The date of examination 

You can find the date of examinations at the official website of the British Council. Visit this link for all the important dates to know. 


2 – The syllabus tested  

You can also find the syllabus tested at the website of the British Council. 


3 – Where to Find Resources 

One of the more difficult things to get hold of is where to find resources for your child. What resources is good, what are the recommended resources to use etc. 


It can be rather overwhelming to learn about homeschooling and be confused as to where you should begin your child’s homeschooling journey. 


However, you do not need to worry about any of these with a private tutor! 


Hiring a private tutor to homeschool your child works too! Having somebody who is well aware of the curriculum and assessment will lessen the burden on our parents’ shoulders. 


Tutopiya has professional and experienced tutors that are aware of the IGCSE curriculum and how are the assessment, syllabus and many more carried out. 


Talk to our experts, and experience live online learning with Tutopiya today! 


What is next after IGCSE as a private candidate? 

After the IGCSE as a private candidate, students can continue to do Cambridge or Edexcel A levels privately too. 


The Cambridge or Edexcel A-Levels will be done similar to the IGCSE. 


This is a long term plan whereby students can complete their schooling journey following this approach. 


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