How Do I Know If My Child Is Suitable For The IB Program?

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There are many reasons why many parents would prefer their child to undergo the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. Aside from the IB Diploma being one of the most internationally recognised certifications around the world, the IB program encourages students to be independent thinkers and experience a wide breadth of learning opportunities, instead of simply memorising and jotting down answers.

However, as there are other high school programs offered in Singapore, such as the IGCSE, some parents may be unsure which program will better suit their child.

Here are some ways to tell if your child will have a better learning experience with the IB program.

Your child is interested in experiential learning

One of the three compulsory courses that all students have to take in the IB program is CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service). While students are not graded in this course, CAS will require students to show strength and development in several areas, such as working with others, having the initiative to complete a task, and making critical decisions, to name a few.

Whether your child gravitates towards participating in projects and community service or joining a club, they are expected to grow into a well-rounded individual who is constantly motivated and inspired, even outside of school.

Your child wants to take up more subjects

If your child is more academically inclined and has the confidence to ace many subjects at once, the IB program will provide a conducive environment.

Unlike A-Levels or the IGCSE, which require students to narrow down their subject choices, the IB program allows students the freedom and opportunity to expand their depth of knowledge.

The IB curriculum offers six different subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts, and students are required to choose from a wide range of specialisations in each group.

Your child wants to be challenged

It’s no secret that the IB program is extremely demanding and places a lot of expectations on students. Even though some students are unable to handle this amount of stress, your child may enjoy the feeling of pressure to push forward in life and achieve their best.

The IB program’s academically rigorous environment may just be what your child is looking for to be mentally stimulated and inspired. What’s more, it can be hugely rewarding once they succeed.

Your child wants to further their education beyond Singapore

According to a study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, it was found that the United Kingdom’s top 20 universities have a preference for enrolling students who have graduated from the IB program. The same goes for prestigious universities in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

The IB curriculum equips students with the cultural awareness and knowledge to be global citizens, making it the ideal preparation for higher education not just in Singapore but anywhere in the world.


Considering how academically demanding the IB program is, there will be times when your child will fall behind in school and find themselves unable to catch up with their schoolmates. In such cases, your child will receive the appropriate help and support by enrolling in tuition classes.

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